The Golden Girls S02, Ep20 – Who’s Face is it, Anyway?

Original Air Date: February 28, 1987

Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: I always come out looking like Fess Parker.

Rose: Don’t worry this is a documentary. It’s ok if you’re not good looking.

* Rose: Blanche, how do you feel about performing in front of a video camera?

Blanche: I think it’s all right as long as you’ve already had at least three dates.

* Dorothy: Ma, why are you dressed like someone who just escaped from “It’s a Small World?”

* Blanche: I am upset because I was not the center of attention and no one said I was the prettiest.

* Dorothy: You’ll just have to grow old along with the rest of us.

Blanche: I couldn’t go on if I had to look like the two of you.

* Rose: Women started giving each other home perms. Pretty soon everyone looked like Art Garfunkul.

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Amazon or iTunes The Golden Girls, Season 2 – The Golden Girls


Rose just about scares Dorothy to death. She sneaks up behind her with a video camera. She is making a video for a class at the junior college. Dorothy does not want to participate because she winds up looking like Fess Parker. Sophia comes home. Rose asks her if she wants to be in her video. Sophia asks about nude love scenes and says she will do them if the video needs it. Rose tries to use that as leverage to get Dorothy to participate. Blanches comes home and Rose asks her about performing in front of a camera. Blanche thinks its sexual and shocks Rose. She explains its for the final for her class. She’s call the film, “A Day in the Life of my Room Mates.” Blanches agrees saying it sounds fun. Rose finally manages to get Dorothy to agree to be in her film. Blanche just received an invitation to her college sorority reunion. Blanche is very excited. She is certain she is going to look the best of all of them. Dorothy wasn’t in a sorority she was blackballed. It’s another day and Dorothy says hi to Rose filming. Rose filmed her trimming her toenails naked. Sophia is not talking or acting like herself. She tries to turn it into a commercial. Blanche arrives back from her reunion a day early. She starts eating the lasagna straight out of the pan. All her sorority sisters had lots of plastic surgery and looked like they never aged. They try to cheer her up and then she insults Rose and Dorothy. Sophia comes in the kitchen and Dorothy asks her if she would like tea. She goes on a small rant about how she ajaxed her teeth. Then she asks for tea. Sophia then starts talking about vanity. She tells them a story about how a new woman came to town in Sicily and she was quite jealous. She talked to her and she offered to move to a neighboring village. But all the good looking men in the village followed her. Blanche finally comes out of her room. Rose wants to show all of them the rough cut of her movie. Rose got footage of Sophia stealing from Dorothy. But Blanche freaks out when she sees herself. She is so upset that she decides to have plastic surgery. Later in the kitchen, Blanche asks Rose about noses. She’s done a mock up of the work she wants done on her face. Sophia comes over and asks why they are all looking at a picture of Gavin McCloud. They all discuss plastic surgery. Rose says she is not that much into appearance, but Dorothy points out things she does to look better. Dorothy tells them she had her eyes done. Rose dives into a St. Olaf story about Olga Fetchik. Dorothy and Blanche get annoyed. Blanche asks how it harmed Olga. And she says it didn’t hurt Olga it hurt the town. No proper hairdresser for about two years. Everyone’s appearance started to suffer and so did relationships. Luckily a stylist from another town relocated there because of its favorable tax laws. Dorohy gets up and turns up the sound on Sophia’s radio causing her to scream. Dorothy says she should have to suffer too. Blanche goes to see Dr. Taylor. He’s concerned about all the changes she wants to make. He informs her there are risks and the surgery will only change her appearance and not who she is. Rose, Dorothy and Sophia go to visit Blanche in the hospital after her surgery. The person they are talking to is not Blanche. A nurse comes in and they ask her about Blanche. She tells them she cancelled her surgery. She is not at the house either. Blanche finally comes home. She stopped off to shop. The plastic surgeon asked her out. She cancelled the surgery because the plastic surgeon wanted hers. They are happy for her but then she insults them all.

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