The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep14 – Burnt Offering

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 14
Title: Burnt Offering
Original Air Date: February 25, 2020

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Synopsis: In the war room, the team gets information on a piece of wood in the money pit area. It’s dated to as early as 1626. They want to put a full size caisson on the spot. FG-12 is the likely spot. Down in Smith’s Cove, there’s a big group who want to start working on the large wooden structure next to the slipway. The structure was made without any nails or fasteners. Billy carefully clears the debris blocked the structure. Craig and Jack then start digging by hand. Additional debris gets knocked loosed and nearly takes out Jack. Craig analyses the structure. Gary arrives and he starts metal detecting. Billy continues clearing but too much dirt has been removed and one side collapses and nearly gets Rick. They are able to determine that the structure is not connected to the box drains. Attention turns back to the swamp. A plywood grid is laid out for Gary to metal detect. Gary finds a modern nail. Then he finds a big piece of iron that was a strap or bracket. They call Laird to come take a look at it. Laird thinks it could be reinforcing a big timber. He suggests having Carmen the blacksmith look at it. Marty decides to search in an area called the Uplands. He wants to find evidence of the flood tunnels or anything else he can find. Gary stops Marty as he sees a large square timber. He finds more wood as well. This area has not been excavated before. It’s a shaft or tunnel about 15 feet deep. People arrive to see the find. The surveyor marks it. One of the guys says to clear the bank some to see more of what’s going on. It’s huge structure. They call for Laird. He finds it interesting. Billy hops into the excavator and continues to clear the area to try and find more structures. A rounded cut nail is found. Massive timbers are found. Marty, Alex and Gary head back to Carmen Legge to take a look at their newest finds. They show him the strange piece of metal. It’s actually a plate to cover something. He confirms the pickaxe and that its for mining or tunneling. He dates it to the middle 1700s. Lastly, they give him the strap. He recognizes it. He says its off of a sailing ship. It’s a strap or bracket and dates 1710 to 1790. He also tells them it’s been in a very hot and sustained fire. So a burnt ship in the swamp? The team meets at the pub to hear the results. They posit that the ship ran aground and so they had to burn or blow up the ship to get the treasure off it.

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