Star Wars Marvel comic book 1978 #16

Valance has a band of bounty hunters. They are on a raid and he’s financing it himself. But the people in this place have no price one their heads. He’s destroying his own past. Its an isolated outworld medical station. It’s full of mechanicals that he hates. He orders them rounded up. He then goes to the records section for Telos-4 Medical Station and blows them all up. In the medical bay are a few members of the rag tag team Han put together previously. Don-Wan speaks of a bounty and Valance wants it. They set charges on the station and take off as it blows up. He has Slzzk program the computer for the Lepus Carnivorous, a man sized green rabbit.

He’s on another planet and one of his crew heads off to refuel the ships. He is walking but is caught by an electronet. They question him and ask about the planet he worked with Han Solo on. He refuses and they use a weird torture device on him. They ask again and he refuses again. So they activate the torture device again. Luckily, the crew mate who went off to refuel the ships comes back. She takes care of them all and checks on the rabbit. They escape and head to Aduba-3. Now on the planet, they try to figure out why they are coming here. The price Jabba put on Han’s head is well known but there’s a second bounty as well. They track down the Starkiller Kid, he may be the target.

On Valance’s ship, they go over the plan. He takes a trip down memory lane to a time when he was a Storm Trooper. He was involved in an outworld skirmish. Rebels blew him up and he barely survived. The Empire left him at Telos-4 Medical Station to die. He’s focused on finding the boy and his droids. He then pops the tape in. The tape is about Princess Leia’s escape. Based on the data he is also looking for Luke Skywalker. He now has the name of the planet as well. One of his crew finds the village and a trail from a ship. Valance realizes the rabbit raced back to tell his friends. He tells them to be prepared for light resistance. They get surprised when a ship flies towards them. Valance orders shields up. One crewman points out that these ships are always modified by the pilot.

The rabbit hopes they can settle this quickly, but his mate is not so sure based on scanner readings. Valance’s men start blasting at the rabbit’s ship. His augmented sheilding easily deflects it. He thinks Luke could be on the ship. He wants the ship and the village searched. Rabbit’s ship starts taking damage. It suddenly starts falling towards the planet. Valance is happy as the bodies shouldn’t be destroyed. They follow it down and see no movement. His crew storms the ship but finds no one. The rabbit and crew have abandoned ship and taken refuge in the tall grass. The rabbit comments hoping that Jimm and his volunteers keep up their end.

Starkiller kid fires a shot in the middle of the field. It echoes intensely and the ground starts to shake. The shaking is from Banthas. It’s a large herd of Banthas that stampede over the field. It takes out a number of the bounty hunter crew. Some start to show themselves and take fire. Valance thinks he will be able to sneak in. They catch him trying to head for his ship. They want to know why he’s come after Jimm’s hide. When Valance looks at Jimm he sees he’s the one who is wanted by the Empire. He goes a little mad realizing all the time and money wasted on the wrong person. He sends a sonic punch at the trio, knocking them over. He makes the ship and blasts away. Everyone involved is glad it’s over.

Valance, however, is not happy he had to use his arm. He underestimated what he was up against. A big part of what drives him is that he is now half Cyborg. The medical station replaced half of his body with cybernetic parts. He peels off half his face to reveal the cyborg half.

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