Family Matters S02, Ep22 – Finding the Words

Show: Family Matters
Season: 2
Episode: 22
Title: Finding the Words
Original Air Date: March 22, 1991

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Favorite Quotes:

* Harriet: Well, if he remembers you he is use to you looking like a jerk.

* Jimmy: Carl, I’m Harriet and Rachel’s father.

* Jimmy: She said she didn’t want her little girls thinking that their father had run out on them.

* Jimmy: I want them to remember me as a hero, not a heel.
Carl: You know Jimmy, it seems to me that you’re still only thinking about yourself.

* Steve: I thought I’d show you that I too can walk on the wild side.
Laura: It would really impress me if you’d just walk home.

* Jimmy: Harriet, Rachel, my name isn’t Jimmy Holmes it’s Jimmy Baines.
Rachel: Baines?
Jimmy: I’m your father.

* Rachel: Harriet he shouldn’t have walked out on us. But he’s here trying to make amends for that now. And if we don’t meet him halfway we’ll be making the same mistake he did.

Synopsis: Steve pops over and visits Carl in the kitchen. Car is not happy. He is wrapping a gift for Harriet. Steve almost breaks the present. Before he leaves Carl asks him to put his finger on a spot so he can make a pretty bow. His finger winds up stuck and the gift goes flying through the window. It’s another day and Carl is in the living room doing pushups and lying about how many he’s done. He gets saved by the doorbell. A man greets him by name when he opens it. He pretends to know Carl. He finally introduces himself and Carl still is clueless. Carl goes into the kitchen and tells Harriet what is going on. He asks Harriet to come out with her so she can ask him some questions. He gets quite emotional meeting Harriet. His name is Holmes and he’s a bush pilot. He flies people t remote areas for fishing. Rachel arrives with leftovers from the restaurant. Carl introduces her to Jimmy Holmes. He helps Rachel take all her leftovers to the kitchen. Later, Jimmy is telling stories to the family and everyone is captivated. He finishes his story and prepares to leave. But he’s invited to stay. That night, Jimmy explains to Carl why he doesn’t recognize him. He confesses to him that he is actually Harriet and Rachel’s father. Carl is shocked. The shock quickly wears off and Carl is furious. He tells Carl he can prove that he is their father. He starts rattling off information. Carl is floored again. He wants to know why the two think their father is dead. He tells Carl he bailed out when Harriet was three and Rachel one. He sent money. But their mother eventually cut him off. He plans to leave tomorrow and not tell Harriet and Rachel the truth. The next day Laura comes into the kitchen to leave for work and Steve scares her with a bear rug. Laura asks about the bear rug. Steve makes up a story about a grizzly bear chasing him. She manages to get him to go home. Meanwhile, Jimmy is playing with Ritchie in the living room. Rachel and Harriet come down the stairs. Rachel tells Ritchie to let Mr. Holmes alone. Ritchie gives him a big hug. Carl comes in and announces a taxi pulled up. Carl gives him a look when Harriet asks him to stay one more night. Carl tells him it’s his last chance. He stops and turns around. He tells the two sisters his name is not Jimmy Holmes, it’s Jimmy Baines and that he is their father. The two look beyond shocked. Rachel goes looking for Harriet and finds her on the back porch. Harriet is crying. Rachel asks her if she is ok. Neither are. He comes into the kitchen and listens to Harriet and Rachel talk. Rachel gives a beautiful speech. Harriet is still upset. She doesn’t understand how he could leave and not give them another thought. At this point he enters the conversation and tries to explain as he apologizes. He takes out his wallet and shows Harriet something she gave him when she was three. Harriet lets her anger flow. He asks if he can be a part of their lives now. Harriet is unsure, but Rachel says the could try. Harriet agrees that they could try. Rachel gives him a hug. Then Harriet does. Then it’s a group hug.

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