The Curse of Oak Island S07,Ep10 – Gary Strikes Again

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 10
Title: Gary Strikes Again
Original Air Date: January 21, 2020

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Synopsis: In Smith’s Cove, Rick and Gary are a bit overwhelmed by the size of these timbers. Laird joins them and he’s surprised as well. He thinks its part of the slipway. Gary thinks it might have been where the boat actually docked. Laird says they need to hand dig to get answers so nothing is lost or damaged. Back at the swamp, they got the permits and can begin to dig. There are a lot of targets to take a look at. The newest data about the swamp being only around 800 years old is discussed. Marty says he’s astonished that he is looking forward to digging. They map out the pump and drain system. It should take about a week to drain it. Jack is thrilled to be able to dig in the swamp. Back at Smith’s Cove, Rick and Gary and a few others come in with shovels. Gary does some detecting and gets a signal over the big log. He digs up a piece of black metal that he does not immediately recognize. He cleans it up and thinks it could be silver. They wonder if it might be connected to the lead cross that they found previously. Rick calls Marty with the news. When Marty hears about the silver that is found and where it is found, he’s excited. Doug is working with the geologist in the money pit area to continue to pin point the original money pit. Terry, the geologist, is excited. He says they’re knocking on the money pit door. Rick and Mr. Nolan and Billy meet with a gentlemen who makes swamp excavators. They all discuss what they want to meet and they learn then can easily take off 3 feet a day if they want to. In the war room, there’s only 4 people to get test results, as everyone else is working. Dr. Brousau (sp?). She is calling with the results of what they thought was silver. It turns out it’s a lead alloy, with 2% tin and 2% antimony. On side note, from my exptertise you add tin and/or antimony to lead to harden because lead is very soft. The scientist tells the they can also do the laser ablation and an isotope analysis can be done. In the money pit area, Dave Blankenship and Dan Henske joins them. Doug them both it is just about pinned down. They go through the most recent sample. There is a lot of sawed lumber. They think they are at the edge. The depth is about 108 feet. At a closer look there is sand packed inside a layer of clay. It’s possible they have hit part of a flood tunnel. Everyone is excited. Rick wants to do another hold to confirm the finding. The swamp excavator is brought in but it takes several trucks to bring it in. It’s got massive pontoon sized treads and they are also essentially pontoons that float. Chris McFarlane comes in to give some information about the additional testing of the lead with tin and antimony. He’s never seen a piece of lead with that much tin. He is able to tell them that it’s not from North America. It came from Europe. The lead is Italian, French or Spanish. It’s western Mediterranean. Marty, Rick and Mr. Nolan head back to the swamp. The swamp exper is already at the swamp with Dave Blankenship. The swamp excavator is now assembled and on the swamp. Marty and Billy up now in it and taking direction from Rick on where to dig. There’s a small montage to Fred Nolan. His son, Tom, sounds emotional about how happy his dad would have been to see this much of the swamp drained and the excavator. And the chance to get actual answers.

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