Star Wars 1977 #9

Han, Chewie and team are now on the way to the village. Chewie points out to Han that it’s a little too quiet. One of the team asks Han how he wound up in this position. Han gets lost in thought about how he use to be a low life working for Jabba and now he’s protecting a village from thugs. But working with Luke and Leia turned him noble for a short time. Then he tried to pay off his debt to Jabba only to get robbed by space pirates. He’s not thrilled about this job either, because he’s likely getting paid in cactus and had to go through a barroom brawl to get it. He starts to worry he did not make the best picks as he goes through each one. He worries they will be ambushed before they get there. Han notices something in the sky and asks the kid on his team from the planet what they are. He tells him they are called High Hounds and they are blood thirsty scavangers. When Han learns they’ll destroy the crops they speed up to intercept them. As they get closer, someone manages to take out a bird with a blaster. Han instructs his team to use the birds as target practice. One of his team, Amaiza, is wanted in six star systems. Jaxxon, the rabbit, brings down two. One with each of his guns. The team tries to coordinate to take out the remaining birds without hurting the villagers. Han rushes in to save a villager who thinks she’s going to die. The birds decide to exit with their remaining members and the attack stops. The woman is very thankful of Han saving her. Han apologizes to the man who hired him for being late. It turns out the woman he saved is his daughter. The man provides a stable for the banthas. Jaxxon asks about where they will be staying and one of the villagers takes offense. They speak to the town spokesman, Oncho. It was his daughter, Merri, that Han saved. Payment is brought up but instead of answers someone yells at Han. He and his group start to prepare for the real problem. Back on Yavin 4, Princes Leia expresses her concerns about Luke to General Dodonna. He just points out that she seems to like Luke more than others. Luke is having success in his search for another planet to use as a rebel base. He’s decided to break the silence and contact Princess Leia with his findings. R2D2 is concerned that the transmission might be intercepted. C3PO talks about the encryption process. Luke transmits and reaches Leia. He tells her that he found something in the Drexel system, but then the signal is lost and Luke is gone. Princess Leia suddenly makes to leave. The transmission person is confused and asks her what is going on. She tells him she’s going to find Luke no matter what. Princess Leia tries to figure out how to find Luke. And Han continues to prepare for the raiders. Merry’s grandfater surprises Han, but he doesn’t shoot him because she called him Grandpa. He tells them their help is no longer needed or wanted. He tells them there is a more mystical solutioni from his youth. That he will take care of them. But the raiders approach. Han and his team get ready. The leader of the gang starts yelling taunts. He also yells that he wants Merri. Han is not having it. The leader of the raiders basically declares ware on Han and his team. Han realizes as the battle starts that they don’t have protection as they aren’t in ships like in the Death Star battle. They are holding their own. More raiders come from the back. The tractor robot sacrifices itself to protect the human that he came with. Amaiza tells the Jedi Knight he’ll need to use his lightsaber. He effectively cuts a raider in half. He then cuts a speeder down before he, himself, goes down. Two of Han’s team is now down. Another team member sees the old man waving his arms, and worries. The sneak attackers have been handled now. The attack from the sky is still in full force. The grandpa, also a shamen, has started to speak. He’s talking to a slumbering one. The rock starts to move. A monster emerges from the mountain.

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