The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep07 – Things That Go Bump-Out

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 7
Title: Things That Go Bump-Out
Original Air Date: December 17, 2019

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Synopsis: In Smith’s Cove, they start to pull up some of the sections of the coffer dam to expand part of it in what’s called a bump out. In the research building shaft 9 is discussed. It should be 100 feet from the money pit and if they can find it, it will help locate the original money pit. Doug lays out a plan to locate the shaft. Rick is excited. Later that day, a drilling operation begins in the money pit area to try and find shaft 2. They have decided on a specific spot to drill based on Doug’s research. Rick, Doug and a few others head to a museum that may have the 90 foot stone. They got the information from someone who was in attendance at Dan Blankenship’s funeral. It may be at Creton House Museum (sp?). Gary heads to Lot 6 with Jack to metal detect. It’s the same lot that had the broach and swages. He gets a hit and finds a modern nail. He gets a second hit which give him two square shaped old iron pins. He gets a third hit, it’s a large piece of very old metal. It’s much longer and a decent diameter. Gary thinks it could be a cribbing spike used for larger construction like a wharf. Rick and team arrive at the museum and meet with Kevin. He tells them that a stone was brought from Oak Island for safe keeping there. The suspected stone is somewhere on the grounds. They all head out to try and find it. He tells them he doesn’t have a record of when it was brought there as it predated the house being turned into a museum. The area where the stone is believed to be is covered by a giant bush. They have to crawl in and around and try to feel but do not find it. Rick suggests an archaeological dig of the site. They need a permit to do it. Back at Smith’s Cove, the frame of the new bump out is in place. They are going to start dropping the new pieces of the coffer dam in. The one running it informs the team that he discovered a wooden structure in the new bump out area. He takes them to what he found. It’s a square structure that he thinks might be a shaft. At the money pit sight drilling as begun. The core sample shows that the soil has been disturbed. Wood is also found in the sample. It’s pieces, not beams but it’s still wood. The next core sample is brought to be checked. It’s got a lot more wood. This sample came from a depth of about 33 feet. They hope that this is shaft 2 that they have located. Charles states that this has to be a shaft as a tunnel would be much deeper. Rick comes over to see what’s going on. Several more adjacent holes will be drilled as well so they can determine where the actual walls are located. Rick and several others go to see the completed bump out. They are going to wait for the tide to go out and lift a sheet to have as much water naturally drain as possible. They remainder of water after that will be pumped out. The tide starts to go out and as some water recedes they head down to look at he wood structure that had been found. Rick takes Laird and Charles to Smith’s Cove to see the new structure that has been found. Rick states that this structure has never been documented. Billy is ready with the excavator. Laird wants to see a profile of the structure so Billy starts digging with the excavator. Gary heads down and they ask him to check what’s been uncovered so far for any metal. As dirt begins to move, Rick finds tar paper all the way down. Once uncovered there are both stacked rocks and logs. As they dig deeper water is starting to come in. It fills from the bottom. It’s possible that it’s part of the flood tunnel system.

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