Wonder Woman 1942 #1 (story 1)

Story One – Wonder Woman

Two women battle in an arena, while Captain Steve Trevor crash lands into the ocean. At the military base, a Colonel is informed of Trevor’s crash and he is assumed dead. Weeks later, he’s brought to the military hospital by a woman. The doctors try to ask her questions, but he has no answers. As she turns to leave Trevor calls her, “my Wonder Woman.”

However, she drops a parchment as she leaves. Once translated it is discovered to be the history of the Amazons.

The planet was ruled by rival Gods. Ares’s Army plundered those who were weaker, their women sold as slaves. Aphrodite decided to create with her own hands a race of super women, much stronger than men. She even gives the queen her girdle to make them unconquerable. They build their own city. Mars/Ares sends Hercules to deal with them. But the queen prevails. Then he tries trickery. He seduces the queen to steal the girdle. They are then rounded up and chained.

The Queen prays to Aphrodite for help. She answered with bands for the wrists. It enabled the Amazons to defeat the men and escape. The Queen gets her girdle back as well.

They fled on Greek ships and Aphrodite guided them to an island. This is the end of the parchment. But the story continues.

The Queen was directed by Athena in the act of making a human form from clay. Athena says words over the creation and names it Diana and it suddenly comes to life and jumps into the Queen’s arms. As she grew, she demonstrated immense strength and agility. At 15, she receives her bracelets from Aphrodite. She’s then allowed to drink from the sacred fountain.

Years later, while she and a friend stand on the cliff they see a plane crash. The pair rescues a man from the wreckage and take him back to the island. His papers name him as Captain Steve Trevor of the American Army Intelligence Service. Men are not allowed in the main city, so she takes him to her laboratory. The royal doctor comes to take a look at him, but the prognosis is grim.

Diana works day and night to try and save him. She at last has found a healing frequency. The doctor tells her that Trevor has died. She puts him under the purple healing ray any way. It miraculously brings him back to life.

However, the Queen is informed and she is very concerned.

Meanwhile, the God of War is taunting Aphrodite. She decides an Amazon will help America win the war and bring peace to the world. Aphrodite appears to the Queen and tells her that an Amazon must take him back and remain there to fight the war and evil.

The Queen announces a tournament will be held. Diana wants to enter but the Queen does not want her to. The winner will leave the island forever.

Diana secretly enters the tournament in disguise. She makes it through to the final test. It’s Bullets and Bracelets. She wins easily. When she takes off her mask the Queen is upset. However, she is proud of Diana for winning. She gives her the outfit and lasso. She tells her about the lasso. It’s made from pieces of the girdle. Anyone it is around has to obey her. She tests it on the doctor, making her stand on her head. The doctor has taken the bandages off of Steve’s eyes. The Queen is not happy about that. Diana heads off to recover his eyes. She winds up talking to him after he tells her she is the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen.

He tells her his job is catching spies. The day finally comes to take him back to America and Diana to leave. She departs in her invisible plane with Steve. She flies towards the island that Steve was trying to catch a spy on. When she gets close enough she uses her lasso on the spy. Steve questions him and gets answers. As a result, he gets promoted to Major. But he gives all the credit to Wonder Woman.

Diana poses as Steve’s nurse to be near him. He speaks of Wonder Woman. She tells him that Wonder Woman is nearer than he thinks and will always come quickly when he needs her.

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