The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep04 – The Lucky Thirteen

They begin drilling in Smith’s Cove and start looking at the core samples. They get some wood that was likely part of a beam in a tunnel. The wood is hand cut. The depth is 51 feet. The ground above and below these beams has not been touched or dug in. It may be original. In the war room, they decide to test the dynamite. They start to see how things connect on the survey map. The next day the drilling continues. The next sample is from 54 feet. The geologist doesn’t find any wood in this sample. Rick and Craig meet with Tom Nolan, Fred Nolan’s son and tell him they want to dig in the swamp. Fred’s son joined the team as a full time member in the hopes of seeing his father’s dream realized. Craig tells him about the two methods they are contemplating. Members of the team meat at the swamp to discuss a coffer damn for the swamp. The actual designer comes to the meeting. Gary and Charlies head back to lot 21 to metal detect. He gets a hit pretty quick. It’s a coin. He gets another hit but it’s something they cannot identify. Gary thinks it could be a broach. Charles and Gary call Rick to come take a look. The broach is taken to an expert to be cleaned. Alex and Laird look on expectantly. He suggests that someone well versed in antique jewelry take a look at it. Everyone meets up at the pub. The broach is discussed and looked at closely. The 13 branch piece on it may like to Washington and the French. Drilling continues in Smith’s Cove. The team meats in the war room. They have the carbon dating on the wood from Smith’s Cove. 1735-1784 is the date range it came out as.

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