The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep02 – Core Values

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 2
Title: Core Values
Original Air Date: November 12, 2019

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Synopsis: Bore hole drilling in the swamp begins. They want proof that there is something worth digging up before they go to the trouble and expense of draining and digging up the swamp. Fred Nolan’s son is also there as well. The first core sample comes up and is deposited in a plastic sleeve for the team to examine. They immediately cut into the first sample to see what there is. Sample number two is brought to the guys. They open the second bag and its very different material. It’s dry clay, 20 feet below the surface of the swamp. It’s the same kind of clay they’ve been coming across. The third bore hole hits a snag. It’s stuck. It’s a strange sound. It’s a 30 foot depth. The third sample has cap-rock. It’s the same rock that protects voids that has oil and other natural resources. The fourth bore hole has the same problem as the third. This time they take a hammer to the bore to try and loosen it up. They are forced to stop and will have to reposition the drill barge. They head to Smith’s Cove to run some GPR. This system can scan several hundred feet below. They get a hit almost immediately. Gary heads over to Lot 21 with Rick and Dan Henske to see what he finds. He gets a hit and Rick digs. Gary thinks it’s a quarry hammer. It’s used in rock work and breaking rocks apart. Gary gets a second hit. It’s another quarry hammer and it’s much bigger than the first. The next day at the swamp, they bring in a professor and doctor to take a look at the core samples. He is a swamp expert. He finds something odd. The rock has weird cuts, possibly glacial. But he finds it’s marine, it was sea bottom. He thinks the swamp is not very old at all. He is going ot take some samples for further testing. He might be able to determine it’s age as well. Back in Smith’s Cove, they continue scanning to try and locate the drain boxes or anything else. They are also going to check the cave in pit. A woman was plowing and she and her ox fell ten feet down into a pit. The first anomaly is 25 meters down. The second is 28 meters down, with a top and bottom. It might be a tunnel. Craig thinks it could be a tunnel. Craig pauses to call Rick. They continue on. The next day back on the swamp, more core samples are drilled. In the war room, they bring in a blacksmith expert to go over all the recently discovered metal objects. There is a 1700s English Ox Shoe. He then picks up the hammers. They are actually swages for sharpening rock drills. He thinks it was for major mining or tunneling. He also says they are very rare. He’s never seen anything quite like it in person. He dates to as late as the 1400s to 1750 as it’s end. Fred’s theory that the island was once two islands is revisited. That afternoon, they head back to the swamp. The geologist shows them a lot of dry clay. He does confirm that it would be easy to tunnel through. It might not be a ship, but instead a massive chamber that the seismic found. They head back to the war room to discuss the results. The 200 foot long anomaly might not be a ship but a tunnel. Digging in the swamp comes to permits, where they want to dig, how deep, etc. Both brothers agree they need to bring hard science to the swamp to get answers. The archaeologist agrees it could be man made.

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