The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep19 – Striking Distance

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 19
Title: Striking Distance
Original Air Date: April 2, 2019

Favorite Quotes:

Synopsis: Digging on GG1 has some wood for spoils at around 90 feet. Rick asks for an update. The oscillator is at about 111 feet and the pressure is quite high. This shaft is bringing up all different types of wood leading the team to believe they are hitting more than one searcher shaft of old. They continue to go deeper on the GG1 shaft. Meanwhile, Jack and Gary head to lot 25 to metal detect. It was owned by Mr. Ball and they start with the edge of the lot. It takes a bit to get a hit but Gary finds an old lock. More wood is pulled up but this is round and log like. The guys are excited. They think it’s from the Halifax tunnel. In Smith’s Cove, Billy gets ready to start digging up the crane pad. Before he starts he points our where water is coming in at from under the crane pad. They hope that the convergence point of the box drains is under the crane pad. Back at the money pit, the last few grabs came up empty and they are at 159 feet. Another person joins them in the war room. He speaks about the stones that make up Nolan’s Cross. He believes the rocks were used as navigational points for sailors of the Knights Templar. He shows them four site lines that point to four locations. He puts the emphasis on site three. Digging begins at site 3 shortly after based on that gentleman’s information. It’s now dug about 30ish feet. They go back to Smith’s Cove, Billy has found a new leak. The spot also has some timbers so something new has been found. They keep digging, they just do it slowly. Gary joins them at the cove to metal detect. Rick is confounded by how many structures are being found in the cove. Now they have found hand cut timbers, so they are old and not modern. One of the pieces has a tongue like protrusion so it could be the corner of a tunnel. But nothing like this has been found before so everything gets looked at closer. Searching the spoils they find more pottery. Massive pieces that are black start being pulled up. These pieces are vertical. The guys show up at the site three excavation but no one is there. They go into the office on site and learn there is a crane operator strike. The strike could last as much as 21 days.

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