Mama’s Family S03, Ep01 – Farewell, Frannie

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 3
Episode: 1
Title: Farewell, Frannie
Original Air Date: September 27, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: Would you look at this silver? It’s got more tarnish than the statue of liberty.

* Thelma: Will you two put it on ice? Get your fingers out of his hair and into your own.

* Bubba: What do I have to do to be loved in this family? Do I have to die to?
Thelma: Keep it up and you won’t have to wait much longer.

* Thelma: It’s up to you Bubba. What’s it gonna be: the old lady or the hoosegow?
Bubba: The old lady.

* Thelma: Well Frannie I tried to give you a perfect day but it’s gone to hell in a handbasket. I hope you haven’t done the same.

Synopsis: Thelma goes out on the porch to get the paper. A neighbor sees her and offers condolences. He asks how Fran died. In the house, Naomi or Vint try to get Thelma to tell them how Fran died. Iola comes over with several items for the wake. It’s basically the entire meal. Noami is clearly aware that Iola has eyes for Vint. The two have some terse words. Iola comes back with a second round of food. Thelma gets a call that one of the pall bearers are not coming. Iola asks if Ed and Eunice took Bubba with them when they moved to Florida. He’s still in reform school though. Iola and Naomi try to help Vint figure out how to be a pall bearer. Thelma calls Ellen, but she isn’t coming to the funeral either. The doorbell rings and it’s balloons. The card is addressed to Bubba Higgins. She’s so upset she hints at the way Fran passed away. They start asking questions. She lets it out that she died in the ladies room at the Bigger Jigger. She was eating a roast beef sandwich. A vein got stuck between her front teeth. She couldn’t get it unstuck and went to the bathroom with a tooth pick. Thelma played a prank on her with catfish. She got scared and inhaled the toothpick. That’s what killed her. The limo arrives and they head off to the funeral. Later they return to the house. When Vint closed the door of the hearse he didn’t close it correctly and Fran’s casket flew out the back. When they go in the house, the food has been destroyed. Bubba comes out of the kitchen. Thelma is shocked. Bubba thinks it’s a welcome home party. Thelma informs him it’s a wake for a funeral. Bubba asks about his parents and she changes the subject. Everyone freaks out. Aunt Effy asks about a pair of earrings. Thelma tells her she was buried in them. The Reverend mentions the roast beef and everyone freaks out. Iola is running the kitchen trying to put out some food. Bubba asks again about his parents. They get into a fight. Out on the porch, Vint talks to the Reverend. He asks if fish go to heaven. The Reverend is a bit speechless. Bubba goes out on the front porch and talks to Vint. Vint spills the beans that his parents moved to Florida. As Thelma starts talking about Fran in the house as Bubba storms back in upset. He has his mother’s flair for the dramatic. He goes on this long Eunice-esque tirade. Bubba tries to storm off. Thelma informs him that he either has to stay there with her or go back to juvenile hall. She gives him Fran’s room. Naomi is not having it. It turns into a big fight. Thelma makes the Reverend do something. He starts prayer. Thelma prays Frannie is in a better place.

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