The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep05 – Homecoming

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 5
Title: Homecoming
Original Air Date: December 11, 2018

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Synopsis: They start to dig on HI4 to get samples. 90 plus feet is the goal. This is the shaft they hope will find the Chappell Vault that they suspect was pushed deeper into the ground with the massive shaft last year. In the war room, Marty video calls the team to see how the trip to Zena’s house went. Rick tells him about one of the documents, the Cremona document. It has a lot of important information. Back at the money pit, Craig and Charles are standing watch at the rig as it goes deeper. They eagerly await a core sample. When the sample is examined, they find wood. It’s at an angle. Charles thinks they are in the right area. The next core sample is brought up. There is more wood. It’s determined to be the floor of a tunnel. They believe it’s shaft 6. This sample was from 120 feet. Rick and Marty have a new building being added to the island. It’s going to be a research center and house all of Zena’s work. It will be open to all to come and do research. Gary Drayton is metal detecting again. He finds some metal edging that looks angular. He feels it’s French. He also finds a badge. At the money pit, a new hole near GAL1 is being drilled. This shaft is called IJ5.5. Rick, Charles and Dan check on the coffer dam process. At the end of this day, the coffer dam will be approximately one third of the way complete. Several team members meet in the new research center to see Gary’s newest finds. Laird finds it very interesting. In the war room, Marty and Rick speak with Randall Sullivan. He’s curious about the finds of the previous summer. His book is going to be published soon. He’d like to deliver copies to the brothers personally. They head back to the money pit to check on the progress of IJ5.5 The shaft is currently at about 89 feet. A core sample is brought up. There are several chunks of wood and a large piece of wood. This large piece of wood is horizontal. It’s at a depth of 111 feet. This matches the historical record of shaft 6’s location. Now they need to figure out which direction the tunnel goes. Rick welcomes Zena’s son, Devin. He shows him the research center where his mother work is housed. He has also brought something. It’s a candlestick and a candle. It’s actually an artifact that Zena had brought back from one of her many trips. He’s very humbled and happy that his mother’s memory and work will live on. Rick tells him that the candle will only be lit one time and that is when they have the answers. Rick makes sure he knows that he’ll be there too when it’s lit to see it.

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