Elementary S03, Ep21 – Under My Skin

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 21
Title: Under My Skin
Original Air Date: April 23, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Alfredo: Sherlock you’re the reason I made it five years clean and I got my sights set on ten.

* Sherlock: I suggest we look at other crimes with DIY ammunition.

* Alfredo: Are you my friend Sherlock?
Sherlock: Yes I am.

* Bell: We didn’t insult your intelligence, don’t insult ours.

* Alfredo: You’re firing me so you can be my friend?

Synopsis: Alfredo speaks at a meeting. After the meeting, Sherlock accuses someone of drinking before the meetings. A woman is in the back of an ambulance being rushed to the hospital. Her ambulance is hijacked with her in it. Later, Sherlock and Joan are watching the video of the hijacking. They check out the scene and Sherlock finds a shell casing that both the killer and the crime scene team missed. At the brownstone, Joan is shocked about reloading. Sherlock tells Joan about the man he spoke to, he thinks he’s being tailed. They find a woman’s murder that fits the bill. They find the suspect and get him to confess. He refuses to tell them where she is buried. However, Sherlock finds evidence on his shoes of where she is. Sherlock pays his friend from the meeting at a band rehearsal. He’s figured out who he is. Turns out he was following Alfredo not Sherlock. They find the body of the woman who was in the ambulance. She was gutted. Bell thinks she was only killed in the last few hours as her body and blood was still warm and hadn’t dried. Bell, Joan and Sherlock examine her in the morgue. The killer is left handed. The coroner tells them some organs are missing. Sherlock thinks she was a drug mule. They visit Maggie’s roommate and it doesn’t track with her. She’s quite upset. She said that Maggie to a trip to Brazil for a gastric bypass. Joan posits that maybe Maggie thought she was getting a gastric bypass when instead she was turned in a drug mule. Gregson tracked down the surgeon who operated on her through the Brazilian police. The doctor has gone missing. Now it causes concerns that there are more victims. The estimated quantity of drugs that were brought in would require a large-scale processor, so Bell starts checking. Sherlock goes to talk to Alfredo. The man was following him because cars with an alarm that Alfredo consulted on are being tampered with. Bell and Joan go to speak with a dentist who is working with a drug cartel. He manages to get him to come in. Bell tells him about the drugs. They strike a deal with him. In the kitchen, Sherlock is looking over a manuscript of unknown plants. Janko, the Serbian drug lord, is cooperating with the police. Joan picks up on him being upset and it relates to Alfredo. Gregson calls, Janko and his partner is dead. It was an ambush. At the station, the dentist comes in with his lawyer regarding the murders. He was attacked by Janko’s rival gang. He’s seeking safety. He gives them information to get immunity and safety. Maggie was his third victim and gave the location of the other two bodies. Alfredo is now trying to reach Sherlock without much luck. Two detectives stop Alfredo to question him. He’s got an alibi. Sherlock joins Joan and Bell at the morgue. The coroner feels the killer has surgical skill. Dr. Ward becomes a suspect who is about to get away with three murders if his deal went through. Turns out Dr. Ward was college roommates with the surgeon who was moving the drugs. Dr. Ward is actually the mastermind behind it. His plan is crumbling around him. He confesses. His lawyer was right in saying they were playing a trick to get him to confess. The man he thought was a Triad member was actually a cop. Alfredo shows up at the brownstone with a tabloid. Sherlock admits to it without admitting to it. Sherlock states very clearly that Alfredo is his friend and will not keep Alfredo as his sponsor because he prefers him to be his friend. He wants Alfredo to help him find a new sponsor. Alfredo is happy about this news.

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