The Nanny S02, Ep08 – Pishke Business

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: Pishke Business
Original Air Date: October 31, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Max: Surely your mother realizes that investing in the theater is a risky business.

* Max (to CC): You hit an investor. That’s very bad. Sit!
Fran: Is he going to hit her with a rolled up newspaper?

* Fran: Mr. Sheffield what are you doing here?
Max: Just throwing out the trash.

* Fran: I’ve got something to tell you but I’m scared you’re going to yell.
Sylvia: Darling, you’re scared of your mother? I could just smack you.

Synopsis: The kids freak out as they hear Fran coming with a group of her moms’ friends who she’s giving a tour of the house to. They all over their cheeks and run for it. Ben Vereen comes into the room with Mr. Sheffield and totally loses it. CC swoops in like a vulture. Max gets him to sign a contract to do a play. All the ladies decide they want to invest their winnings from their canasta club. It’s $25,000 and CC nearly faints with excitement. It’s a new day at the house. Max is meeting with an investor to try and get the rest of the money for his play. CC arrives and tells them she took out a tourist. The investor arrives and he’s the man CC attacked. Fran steps in as CC to save the play. Later, in Max’s office, CC is horrified that Fran is pretending to be her. They do their best to bring Fran up to speed on the play. They throw CC out into the rain to hid her from the investor. He wants to change the play and go out with Miss Fine. The next night, they drop Miss Fine off at CC’s apartment to continue the charade. Max arrives to end this and when CC tells him he’s doubled his investment they both run and hide in the closet. However, the investor wants CC (Fran) to dump Max. As he’s trashing Max, he comes out of the closet and kicks him out. Late at eh mansion, Fran is worried her mother is going to be upset that the canasta pot is gone. Sylvia gives Niles a guilt trip. Max comes in and gives everyone an update. He’s going to invest in his play thanks to Fran’s belief in him.

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