Elementary S03, Ep20 – A Stitch in Time

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 20
Title: A Stitch in Time
Original Air Date: April 16, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Mrs. Renzinger may not have been visited by her husband’s ghost, but she may have been visited by terrorists.

* Joan: I learned because you taught me.
Sherlock: I taught you because I saw something.

Synopsis: Sherlock calls Joan and essentially apologizes for the bee problem in the house. Joan leaves the station with a new client. A man is driving home and finds a car is stopped on rail road tracks with a train coming. He rushes to help and manages to push the car and its driver off the tracks. He doesn’t realize the guy is dead. Sherlock knows the dead man, he was a professional doubter and debunker. His website and skills could be why he was killed. Det. Bell and Sherlock visit a “church” that the man had attacked online. Sherlock speaks with a member who is quite helpful. She also quits that church and leaves with Sherlock and Bell. At the station, Joan and he review the information the church member got him. They go to meet with someone who’s in the files, he’s a person of interest. He tells him he didn’t know the guy. The photo of him with the dead man was the first time they’d met. He provides an alibi for the time of the murder. They go to see the woman that had property that the man wanted to buy. She tells Sherlock and Joan about her husbands’ ghost is haunting her. Sherlock is concerned someone is trying to take advantage of her. She even has a recording of the audio and plays it for them. In her basement, Sherlock becomes suspicious after hearing the recording. Sherlock feels that it wasn’t her husband on the recording as the shouting is in Arabic. He thinks the neighbors are digging. He finds a tunnel in the neighbor’s basement that leads to the old woman’s home. Sherlock climbs in the tunnel and finds a very large cable. It’s a transatlantic data cable. It’s a major backbone of the internet. Sherlock brings in Gregson and Bell. He also finds the weapon used to kill the dead man. Hannah meets with Joan at the brownstone. She has figured out what happened on her investigation. There is a vendor in common at all four locations that have been robbed. Sherlock and Joan work in the media room. They discuss both the terrorist case and Hannah’s case. The next morning Joan finds her laptop with two post it notes. Sherlock has tracked the robber down. He sees a woman who knows the man. When he visits her she points out his apartment. Sherlock pulls the fire alarm because he’s about to set his apartment on fire. The fire is started and Sherlock does his best to put it out until the fire department arrives. He saves most of what the man was trying to burn. Bell has done a background search on the suspect. At the station, Joan learns that Hannah busted the robber and found 200 grand in stolen merchandise. The man they met with earlier pops back up in the investigation. They meet with him again. Joan tracks down Hannah and has a chat with her. Hannah did what she did because she wants to move up the ranks, but it’s left Joan feeling used. Joan meets Sherlock at the station and gets an update on the development broker. Sherlock has found that Isley is connected to the man who set his apartment on fire. He sponsored him coming to the State. Bell lets them know that the device analysis is complete and the device does nothing. At the brownstone, Mason is trying to dig deeper into the device to see if anything was missed. Sherlock and Joan talk about Hannah again. He tells her to just let it go, but keep a distance from her. Mason confirms it’s a box that does nothing except add 4 milliseconds to transmission times on that cable. They go back to Isley and he plays games with them. Sherlock points out an expensive painting is missing from his house. At the station, Gregson congratulates her for the work on the case. He then apologizes. He discusses Hannah with her and asks her not to help her anymore.

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