Elementary S03, Ep19 – One Watson, One Holmes

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 19
Title: One Watson, One Holmes
Original Air Date: April 9. 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: You lied to us not to save face with your employer but with your husband.

* Sherlock: Petros was framed.

* Joan: In other words, you think Species was killed by Species.

* Sherlock: What I’ve gained from our partnership is a working definition of the word friendship.

Synopsis: Sherlock is working on an experiment when he’s interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s one of the hackers from “everyone.” His group of hackers is having a civil war. Sherlock won’t help him. He volunteered to help Joan instead. She has an online bullying case. It might be a case of a kid trying to get her parents attention. Sherlock opts to read a large number of books since they are at the library. Bell calls Sherlock, he’s at a murder scene. The dead guys is “Species” the man the hacker was worried about earlier. Sherlock finds a hair and realizes it belongs to the person who visited him earlier. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock tries to find a picture of Sucking Chest Wound. Joan gets a text about a friend getting married, there’s a bachelorette party planned. He was actually watching for where he dumped the gum. It’s wrapped in a handwritten set list. Sherlock is in the basement office sorting music that Clyde likes and doesn’t like. He’s figured out that the suspect is a sound engineer. He’s IDed him already. Bell has taken him in for questioning. He happily provides an alibi. Meeting with the woman doesn’t yield much. Joan meets with her friends. She fakes a message from Sherlock to escape. The investment banker from earlier arrives. She’s married and living two lives. She’s had a change of heart and finally gives the man an alibi. Sherlock goes to see Petros in the jail to try and help secure his release. He tells Sherlock about Species stash. Sherlock starts combing through all the top level members of the collective. Eight are still left to identify. They track one done thanks to his new motorcycle. He’ sin the hospital with a very messed up leg from a motorcycle accident. He only admits to breaking into the dead man’s apartment and stealing all his computers and memory sticks. He strikes a deal to get out of jail free by turning over the stash he stole. There’s 26 boxes and thousands of sheets of paper to go through. Sherlock questions her about her behavior. The next morning, Sherlock wakes Joan up via morse code. Sherlock has discovered that Species seems to have a change in pattern. He’s determined that Species had a partner and they shared moderator duties under Species. Tessee is the other person. Sherlock and Joan go to visit Petros. They learn of a the plot to hack a think tank, but when they visit the guy is completely unconcerned. At the brownstone, Sherlock gives a speech to Joan about friendship and leaves her a bit shocked. Joan has been working hard on tracking down this hacker and found her on a collectors board. Joan sets a trap, baits it and catches many fishes. Sherlock combs through them all and finds a viable suspect. When they go to talk to him, the FBI swoops and says they are protecting their informant. The two go straight to Gregson. His hands are tied without proof. At the brownstone, Sherlock has a forensic accountant going through the think tank that was targeted. He’s found some interesting links. Sherlock thinks that the FBI agent has created this elaborate plan to take down the collective. Sherlock pays Agent Branch a visit. He blackmails her with her nanny who is illegally in the country. He gives her an out. Sherlock also tells her that he’s stopped her plan regarding the think tank. It appears to have worked as the suspect has been arrested. The mole was already getting noticed in a bad light in the collective and killed the person going to out him to protect himself.

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