‘Supernatural’ Season 14 Won’t Include Dean for Multiple Episodes

Supernatural is returning to The CW for its 14th season this fall, but the long-running series has a major change on the horizon. While the show has always been about the relationship between Sam and Dean Winchester, one of the beloved brothers will be absent for a good chunk of the upcoming season.

Dean’s body was taken over at the end of last season, turning him into the archangel, Michael. So, while it may look like Dean is around this season, it’s a very different character altogether.

According to co-showrunner Andrew Dabb, the lack of Dean made this an extremely difficult season to write.

“The show’s built upon two pillars, and those two pillars are Sam and Dean,” Dabb told TVLine. “We’ve taken Sam away for little chunks of time here and there, but never in a huge way. He’s been soulless and things like that, but he’s still kind of present. Demon Dean was kind of a one-episode thing, and largely, the action happened off-screen.”

“One of the pillars of the show is gone, basically, and that, in some ways, makes things very difficult, because the show is Sam and Dean, and their interplay,” Dabb continued.

via ‘Supernatural’ Season 14 Won’t Include Dean for Multiple Episodes

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