Numb3rs S02, Ep23 – Undercurrents

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 23
Title: Undercurrents
Original Air Date: May 12, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Colby: You think it’s a code?
Amita: If it is Charlie is a code breaking machine.

* Charlie: It’s Harvard. How can she pass that up?

* David: I’m sorry did you just say algorithm.

* David: Why do they always run?
Colby: We’re wearing suits. They always think they can outrun the guy in the suit.

* Megan: Why is it we only care about these girls if they can make someone sick?

* Charlie: It’s not fair me to ask you to sacrifice your career if I’m not willing to sacrifice mine.

Synopsis: Please at the beach and two guys are heading out to surf. But before they catch any waves they find a number of bodies washed ashore. Don and Charlie arrive at the crime scene, four Asian females in total. Megan talks with an investigator. He says they had to go in off Palo Verdes. Charlie begs to differ and says the riptide is coming from the south. While they discuss another body washes up. Only this one is still alive. At the office they try to piece together what happened. Colby lets Don know his boat is ready. Charlie and Amita are dropping buoys off it at 1-minute intervals. Larry is not thrilled. They discuss a lecture. The two decide to go to another and Amita call it’s a math date. Megan reports back on the girl who survived. She’s got severe hypothermia and is not expected to make it. David and Colby go to the morgue. They died from drowning but were also dehydrated. Charlie and Amita sit on the beach waiting to see what buoys land on the beach. Charlie asks Amita out on a non-math date and she accepts. Amita tells him she’s bene offered a job at Harvard. They’ve already got two buoys washed up, but mid conversation on the topic a third magically appears. It proves the current has shifted. Back at the office, the coroner has personally brought them the autopsy results. She has found H5N1, the bird flu, in her system. The CDC joins the case. This virus is very adaptable. The CDC says there’s they can do until they know where it came from. Charlie has determined what caused the change in the water current. The girls were dumped in inbound shipping lanes. Colby goes to the school to find Charlie, but instead finds Larry and Amita. He recognizes the tattoo on one of the girls. David finds over 30 ships in the area at the time the bodies would have been dumped, even narrowing it down leaves 4 to 5 ships. Charlie and Larry can’t crack the tattoo code. Amita comes in and gives it a fresh point of view. She thinks the 10 digits are a phone number. So Charlie calls the number. It’s Susan Lim and a message about who to call if she is dead. She was a reporter. Megan goes to the reporter’s office to do the notification. He fills her in on what he knows. Back at the house, Alan discovers Charlie is depressed. He tells him about the Harvard job. Colby and David go to the port to try and get answers. According to the manager there’s two possible ships. He doesn’t care much about what happened until they tell him about the bird flu case. Megan gets a call from the reports partner and now he’s no longer willing to let them see the notes. He blackmails her to get the full story. She gives in but he can’t run with it until the case is closed. David and Colby tries to get the dock worker to help. When they tell him about the girls in a container, he tells them to check with customs. There’s a new algorithm for searching containers. But he’ll check with the other dock workers. Don checks on Charlie. He tells them the container has already been unloaded. Charlie helped design the algorithm. David and Colby go chat with a bar keeper. Once they tell him who sent them he points out the guy they want. He spots them and he runs. The two catch him and take him in. He tells them that the one that was sick came on the ship with 4 other girls and they dumped all five. They were farm girls. Charlie and Amita are working in his office. He’s going to try to use the notes from the reporter and FBI cases to track down the owner. But the conversation goes weirdly and then downhill and Amita leaves. David and Colby now noticed that the captain of the ship was tipped off. So who did the kid they have in custody call? Charlie had narrowed down the importers. Putting in the information from the reporter’s notes they can now see his whole organization. His office is in one of his clubs, they go pay him a visit. When they try to talk to the owner he takes off and goes out the back. He runs right into Megan. They arrest him and take him in. Don is worried about the flu. Don loses his cool with the guy. Charlie and Larry work in his office and hit a point of frustration. Don rushes in. Charlie feels something may not be right. Megan and David are trying to figure out where the girls are. They locate a warehouse recently leased by his company. David looks through a hole in the glass and sees girls. They just break out the rest of the glass to go in so they don’t scare them anymore. There’s a lot of girls. Megan lets the reporter’s partner know that all the girls were found and are ok. She also lets him know the ring leader is behind bars. At the garage, Amita knocks on Charlie’s door. She apologizes. But he tells her she was right. They have a deep discussion. The two come close to kissing. Charlie goes into the house and Alan asks him how to tell if he’s cheating at cards. Charlie goes for a walk to think.

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