Numb3rs S02, Ep19 – Dark Matter

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 19
Title: Dark Matter
Original Air Date: April 7, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: I got you thinking like a mathematician.

* Amita: From the observable we can divine the unobservable.

* Larry: Coincidence is the last refuge of the uninspired.

* Larry: It’s all very 1984.

* David: Eight dead, ten wounded, I’d call that an act of domestic terrorism.

* Larry: If you don’t like the answer, ask a different question.

* Megan: A pretty girl can get a teenage boy to do a lot of things, especially if he’s not use to the attention.

Synopsis: There is an explosion at a high school and gunmen open fire. They kill both students and teachers and shoot up the whole school. One of the kids manages to make a call. One gunman kills another gunman. Don arrives and talks to the principal. David informs Don that one of the shooters was found. Don checks out one of the dead victims. Her phone starts ringing. Don answers it. He gives the father the bad news. At the office, they start using some technology to track the kids. Don goes to Charlie, Larry and Amita for help. Charlie and the team already have a plan to figure out the two shooters path. The team learns about the group they were in, the name is DMG, Dark Matter Guild. They talk to the head of the group. Megan talks to one of the survivors. She gets the name of a possible suspect. Megan tracks down the gun owner, it’s the deceased father of the suspect. Larry and Charlie join them. Megan and Larry flirt. They track him down to a cyber café. He’s armed and he fires. They shoot back and he’s gone. Forensics proves the blood on Justin’s boots matches two of the school victims. Don orders surveillance on all the members of the DMG. Larry, Amita and Charlie all discuss the current state of affairs in high schools with bullies and technology. They analyze more data and see a weird anomaly. Megan interviews Justin’s mom. She learns that an uncle that Justin looked up to passed. Amita, Charlie and Larry go to the high school. Amita talks about a gun incident at her high school. Charlie walks the path of the shooter and has Larry time him. Colby searched the storage locker and found ammo and school blue prints. At the office, they find a game of the school shooting on Justin’s laptop. Charlie comes in and gives them some disturbing news. There’s a third shooter. Megan and David go back to the high school, to try and figure out what’s going on. They want the information on members of the DMG, but all those parents have gotten lawyers to protect their students. Megan bring more files to Charlie, Amita and Larry. Charlie and Amita make a quick exit. Larry gets brave and asks Megan out.
She accepts. Don is frustrated because the case is stalling without the school files. Colby found an email from one member. Charlie and Larry continue to work on the data. Amita comes in with data confirming their third suspected shooter. Megan finds that he also bought a hacking kit. They get word the suspect raced home. David and Colby take surveillance. When he makes them, he runs for it. David gets the bag he throws. Colby makes the tackle. In the bag is another semi-automatic gun. He denies it was him. The gun he had doesn’t match the missing weapon. Colby has found enough evidence to show he was hacked. Larry tells Charlie he finally made a reservation for he and Megan. Charlie gets an idea. Shooter number three acted very different then the first two. He’s hunting specific people to kill. It’s now date night for Larry and Megan. They discuss their high school experience. Also, how they wound up where they are. Megan meets with don about a new idea that Larry inspired. There has to be a common denominator with shooter three’s victims. The only link is a party. Karen seems to be a common link. She has a wifi pda too. Also, they found evidence she has met with Price at a motel several times. Megan and Colby meet with Karen’s mom. Karen tells them that the three who were killed, they raped her at the party. They arrest her. David, Colby and Megan go to arrest one of the guys who raped her. He tries to resist and Colby drops him. Back at the house, Charlie and Don discuss what happened. Don takes Charlie out to eat.

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