The Curse of Oak Island S05, Ep14 – The Templar Connection

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 5
Episode: 14
Title: The Templar Connection
Original Air Date: February 13, 2018

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iTunes The Curse of Oak Island, Season 5 – The Curse of Oak Island

Rick Lagina
Marty Lagina
Dan Blankenship
David Blankenship
Craig Tester
Jack Begley
Alex Lagina
Dan Henskee
Charles Barkhouse
Robert Clotworthy

Synopsis: Gary and Rick are searching Smith’s Cove. They find a very old cross. It then goes over the history of the holy wars and the first crusade. It also covers how the Templars were created. They also worked under the Temple Mount. Excavation went on for ten years and then abruptly stopped. They also created the first banking system. The Templars had loaned a large sum of money to the King of France. The King doesn’t want to pay the loan back and turns on them. He gets the Pope to turn against them. The grandmaster is tortured for years then burned at the stake. He cursed the King of France and the Pope with his last breathes. By the end the remaining Templars were imprisoned in Domme. They carved their beliefs into the walls. There is a carving on the wall at Domme that matches the cross they found at Smith’s Cove. Only 500 Templars were arrested, 3500 still remained free. It’s believed they fled to Scotland, where the Templars already had a stronghold. Historians show that they likely headed west to the North America. Documentation was found to support it. The trajectory would have landed them in Nova Scotia, Latin for New Scotland. This was in 1398. All this research leads them to Zena Halperin. A trip is also recapped to New Ross. It’s possibly an ancient Templar structure. They see a stone that has a Templar cross. Previous excavations on the property showed a stone foundation. It’s thought that the Templars mined gold and silver there on the continent as well. Another researcher shows the brothers a stone in Overton. It has many carvings, including a Templar cross. It suggests a treaty between the native peoples and the Templars. The native flag is looked at. It’s a reversal of the Templar flag. Oak Island is now discussed. The pit and the box drain. It’s believed the native peoples helped with the project. We then move on to the find of the coconut fiber and it’s dating. The tree of life is also covered. Stones on the island form it. It’s also carved on the walls in Domme. Another researcher shows that geometrically speaking the stones forming Nolan’s cross are a part of the tree of life, some of the stones are just missing. The Freemasons are discussed. Many believe the Freemasons are the modern day Knights Templar. There are similarities between Templars and Freemason symbols, rites and rituals. The 9 chambers of a temple and also the 9 levels of wood planks are discussed. Possible treasure is also discussed, whether it’s something religious, gold, etc.

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