Numb3rs S02, Ep17 – Mind Games

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Title: Mind Games
Original Air Date: March 10, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* David: I wonder if he’s psychic enough to know he just made the suspect list.

* Don: You’re a suspect in a triple homicide. We’re not here to promote your book.

* Charlie: What flavor of crazy Koolaid do they make you drink when you join the physics department?

* Man: I’m in this country legally, which means I have rights.
Colby: You do. And one of them is the right to lethal injection.

* Larry: Epsy, I was born ready.

* Charlie: So ESP exists because we can’t find it?
Larry: We observe the universe through our limited senses.

* Charlie: It’s amazing what wonders real science can achieve.

* Charlie: How about you try using math instead of magic?

* Charlie: If I have it in my power to save lives, then everything else doesn’t matter.

Synopsis: A search team is using sketches to try and locate a place in a forest. They find several dead bodies. It’s a grizzly scene. Megan talks with the search and rescue team that called them out. She learns that a psychic led them to the scene. They take in the psychic for interview. He tries to play Megan and she does not put up with it. Charlie joins them at the office, he doesn’t believe the psychic is real. David and Colby think the three dead women are here illegally and they may not be able to ID them. Charlie runs into the psychic at the elevator and they have a dust up, to put it mildly. Back at the scene, the techs pull a tire print. In the cafeteria, Larry and Charlie have a discussion about psychics. David and Colby talk to one of the park rangers. They spread out and search the areas around the area. They see a truck that could have the tires that match the tread left at the scene. When they look closer, the tires match and he has items like those were left at the scene. They take him in and show him crime scene photos. He works for a company that helps those coming into the country. He tells them the statues were bad luck totems. Megan learns the psychic was in the CIA. David and Colby update Don on all the possible suspects. Charlie and Larry are playing air hockey in the garage when Megan arrives. Larry winds up having the information she’s looking for. What she says about Kraft leaves both of them a little surprised. David and Colby go to visit one of the private border guard. They convince him to share his roster. At Don’s office, Megan grills the psychic to prove he is. He got everyone wrong. The odds are 1 in 33.5 million. Charlie and Larry go over the video. They fight. At the office, they are still struggling to identify the victims. The autopsies come in. The times are all off. They visit the psychic, he’s been getting visions but they are hazy. He thinks they could be pregnant. Charlie goes to the office and gets mad at seeing Kraft (the psychic). Charlie questions him about the test. He points out Kraft’s cheating. The team starts brainstorming the “clues” Kraft has given them. Charlie prefers math and attempts to apply it to the paths the migrant workers travelled. In the garage, Charlie is working on his equations when Alan needs some help. They have a discussion about rationality and irrationality. Don comes in and he and Charlie have a disagreement. Charlie takes himself off the case. The psychic keeps giving them vague clues that lead nowhere. Charlie surprises everyone as he storms in with an answer. He’s got three areas that may have others who crossed with one of the victims. Colby finds someone who knows one of the victims and gets a name. They get enough information to identify all three of them. Megan learns that two more girls from the same city are now missing. They could be acting as drug mules. At the house, Alan is shocked at these girls acting as drug mules. Charlie starts breaking down the math on transporting drugs and how it all connects. Megan comes in and they found one girl but the other one crossed. Turns out the man helping people crossing is actually behind it. Charlie is able to narrow down where she could be so they can do an air search. Colby already has visual contact on the suspect, but not the girl. They corner him and he tries to run. David tackles him. They finally get him to break. It’s a shed and the girl is there, tied up. Megan gets a call from the hospital. They got all the drugs out of her and she is going to be ok. The brothers come back to the house, still fighting. While they fight, their mothers picture falls off the wall. It stops the fight. Later that night, Megan calls home to talk her to dad but he’s not home.

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