Elementary S03, Ep09 – The Eternity Injection

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 9
Title: The Eternity Injection
Original Air Date: January 8, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: You know better than to ask me a non-specific question, what are you getting at?

* Sherlock: We know who did what to whom. The why of the matter escapes me utterly.

* Joan: You’re talking about an illegal drug trial.

* Joan: Kitty had a key made for me. She didn’t want me to have to break in every time I came over.

* Joan: And why are we pondering eternity this morning?

* Sherlock: My sobriety is simply a grind. It’s this leaky faucet that requires constant maintenance and in return offers only not to drip.

* Sherlock: The man’s facing death, we have precious little leverage over him.

Synopsis: Sherlock has a bomb in his house to disarm. It’s actually a talking car alarm. Alfredo can’t crack it so he’s brought it to Sherlock to give it a go. The doorbell rings. It’s someone who knows Joan and wants to hire her. One of her coworkers, Marissa, is missing. At the station, Kitty takes the file to Joan. Marissa got a $150,000 payment with no explanation. Sherlock sends Kitty a text message that she can’t understand, but Joan easily decodes it. They meet him in an alley. There is a chained-up trash can. When he opens it, it clearly smells horrible as even he is affected. Marissa’s body is in the dumpster. At the morgue, they show Bell some weird notes she had on her. They have a suspect now thanks to the autopsy. However, he’s missing too. Bell brings in his wife. Gregson interrupts with a note for Sherlock. The college kid he brought has found Jacobi. But the man he found doesn’t look like Jacobi. Sherlock and Joan go to talk to a performer. She has seen the man several times this week. They follow her directions and find a homeless encampment. They find Jacobi, only he’s dead. Sherlock notices some disturbed earth nearby and finds a journal. Based on the journal, he killed Marissa. Sherlock cracks Jacobi’s laptop. He also received $150,000 from the same company as Melissa. The doctor at the morgue finds severe brain degradation. He did find a new chemical in his system he could not identify. Sherlock posits that based on the note found with Melissa, Jacobi was one of 5 people this drug was administered. Joan and Bell bring Gregson up to speed with what they’ve found. At the brownstone, the three are working on the research. Later, Joan returns to find Sherlock listening to music and laying on the floor. Sherlock has identified all five men who took the drug. Another of the men is dead. Two are still outstanding. Sherlock thinks that this drug alters the perception of time. Kitty contacts Sherlock that one of the men is still alive. The three go to his work to follow up. His mother just passed and he might be hiding at her apartment. They head over to check. Sherlock has Kitty pick the lock. He’s there and trying to run away. He is still sane enough to talk. Gregson and Bell talk to him at the station. He can only tell them about the nurse and a man who might have been in charge. He is able to give them enough to produce a sketch. Joan arrives at the brownstone at Alfredo’s request to check on Sherlock. Sherlock found a picture that matches the sketch. He works in the neurochemistry field. Sherlock tells her he’s been feeling a bit down. They discuss his sobriety. She fell asleep on his couch and he wakes her up with a bugle and breakfast. He very much enjoys waking her up. Bell and Sherlock stake out a rest home where mystery patient number 5 has an aunt. They are trying to catch him. He shows up. He only cares about his research. Gregson and Bell try to get some answers from him. He won’t talk. Sherlock deduces that the doctor is not protecting a company but a person. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock has cracked the alarm with an electromagnetic pulse for Alfredo to see. Sherlock decides to go back to the meetings. He receives a call from Joan. He knows who funded the illegal drug trial. They go to meet him. Sherlock lays out a though process about the trial. Sherlock offers him a deal. But he blows them off. The change paths and speak with the man’s nurse. He tells them he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to be the man’s nurse. Brett tells them that he knows the company they are searching for is owned by his patient. What he tells them clearly puts the sick man in the driver’s seat of the drug trial. At the man’s house, they find him. He’s injected himself with the drug. Joan offers to come back to the brownstone to help. Sherlock tells her no but thanks her for caring.

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