Bones S02, Ep04 – The Blonde in the Game

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: The Blonde in the Game
Original Air Date: September 20, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: Thanks Hodgie.
Bones: Hodgie??

* Booth: What did he say?
Bones: Epps is playing us.

* Bones: Are you on some kind of medication?

* Cam: His accomplice throws in some flare of his own.

* Booth: It means I have to go talk to a nun.

* Bones: I don’t want to find that girls remains in some mine Booth.

* Angela: You find Helen. I’ll keep Epps from getting a jet ski out of you.

* Bones: Zack is right. Epps is trying to break us.

* Angela: I think you love him very much. You’d have to overlook the things that he’s done.

* Booth: You have to come to grips with the fact you killed another human being. Because when you kill someone there’s a cost. A steep cost. I know, I’ve done it.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth are called to scene where a Doberman has found bones in a forest. Booth tries to get the Booth to give up the skeleton. Bones throws a pine cone and the dog chases it. At the lab, they start analyzing the body. Based on the bugs she was buried 7 to 10 years ago, was bound and likely played golf. Angela arrives and has done a reconstruction. She was hit with a tire iron, hands and feet bound, buried face down. This is triggering something for Bones. Everyone but Cam knows who Epps is. This may be another of his victim’s. After Cam finds out what happened the last time Bones met with Epps she tells Booth to visit him solo. Booth goes to interview Epps. He doesn’t give up anything. Bones and Zack analyze the wrists of the victim based on what Epps told Booth. One of the wrist bones belongs to someone else. Now Booth and Bones take a trip to visit Epps. They meet Howard Epp’s new wife. The pair speak with Epps. He tells them about his mom and her obsession with germs and ammonia. Bones gets something out of that exchange. At the lab, Booth now understands game theory thanks to Zack. They are frustrated and then the ammonia is mentioned again and it gives Hodgin’s an idea. They expose the bone to ammonia and it reveals a symbol for a mine. They locate a mine that fits and start searching for a stone cross. Bones quickly finds the cross. They find a body no more than a week old. Epps has an accomplice still killing. Cam and Bones go over the fresh body. Angela has a name for the victim and she’s only 16. She worked for a hair salon that is owned by Howard Epps current wife. Booth goes to talk to her. He gives her a search warrant, but she gives him permission anyway. He talks to the nun and she identifies the victim because she presented Helen Majors with that medal. She’s been missing for three days. Booth and Bones head to an address from one of Epps penpals, he may be the accomplice. However, the address belongs to a vacant lot. Booth is not amused. The pair go and see Epps again. Bones takes a go at him. Bones goes to Angela for advice. She compares him to a boyfriend and analyzes him quite accurately. Booth finds Bones at the lab. She translates what Epps said in German. Zack tells them the victims father is in Bone’s office. Angela and Booth talk to him. Angela did some drawings of Epps younger and the father identifies one of them. Booth asks Cam for Angela’s help. She meets with Caroline Epps. She gets a name from him, Henry Gerber. She delivered a message to him five days ago. Booth and Bones go visit him, but are shocked to find him in a wheelchair. Zack, comes up with a new theory on the name. The letters to the vacant lot would go to the dead letter office. But would have all been delivered by the same mail carrier. He’s also the man who found the first body. The two head to his house. They find a stalker/trophy room but not him. Desperately, they call Hodgin’s hoping for a location. He doesn’t want to guess. Angela walks in and helps him bounce ideas of her to try and save her. It’s likely an abandoned mail sorting center. They go to the nearest one and find that the most recent victim is still alive and are able to save her. Booth even gives her a gun without asking. Booth goes to look for him. The killer ambushes Booth and Bones shoots him ending the threat to Booth. It’s the first time she’s ever killed anyone, and she is clearly affected. Back at the prison they tell Epps he’s been foiled again. Epps is clearly excited by know that Bones killed him. Booth ends the interview. Back at the lab, Booth checks on Bones. Bones talks it out in her logic. He cracks her exterior so that she will deal with it. She cries a bit and then Booth gives her a small statue of a pig to cheer her up. His name is Jasper.

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