Elementary S03, Ep07 – The Adventures of the Nutmeg Concoction

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 7
Title: The Adventures of the Nutmeg Concoction
Original Air Date: December 11, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: My spirit of volunteerism is not without its limits.

* Joan: Well, we’re all set on the nutmeg front.

* Joan: How do two adults have a relationship where one never calls the other anything but the nose?

* Gregson: How do they find him? He got a yelp page?

* Kitty: You can get high on nutmeg?
Sherlock: I can’t say it’s a particularly satisfying experience but yeah.

* Sherlock: I don’t think we’re going to be hearing from Mr. Woodbine anytime soon. Our cleaners been cleaned.

Synopsis: A woman hires Joan to find her missing sister. She’s been missing for five years. Her case has a link to several others, the smell of nutmeg. Joan is at a coffee bar and Kitty tracks her down to try and find some casework. She immediately starts forwarding information to Sherlock, who volunteers to help. Sherlock and Joan go to the Behavioral Sciences Unit at the FBI to get the profile. The agent is not cooperative. Sherlock still gets the profile as he uses other agents against him. After reading the profile, he feels each of the six kidnappings was done by different people. At the station, the three work on the cases. In one of the victims belongings there are keys. Only one isn’t labeled so they go to her building and try every door. They find a man’s apartment. He had an affair with her. He proves he was out of state during her disappearance. Back at the brownstone, Joan lays down the law to Sherlock and makes him work. She leaves and runs into an old flame. He wants to hire her to find out who stole is medical card. Joan meets Sherlock at Sing Sing. He grills her about this old flame. There was a file on Jessica’s computer that links to a criminal. They are there to speak with him. He’s not amused. But to be on the gardening crew he gives them a lot of information. Sherlock received a text from Miss Hudson. There’s an area that’s been shot up and it smells of nutmeg. Sherlock and Joan go to the scene. One of Sherlock’s irregulars arrives. He’s got a great nose and will sniff out the scene. He detects all kinds of things including sodium peroxide. The nutmeg scent concoction actually belongs to a common scene cleaner. At the station, Sherlock lays out the evidence so far. He wants to find the cleaner and other cases that he’s cleaned. At the brownstone, Kitty lets Joan know she found the identity thief. Sherlock is trying to create an ad to find the cleaner. Joan gives her friend the information on the identity thief. At the station, Joan is sorting through a long list of people trained to clean crime scenes. Sherlock arrives and tells about an attempt to meet the cleaner that went terribly wrong. Joan gets a text and her ex, who she helped with an identity thief, he is asking her out. Sherlock then tries to analyze her. Sherlock has found something with a mural. Conrad Combine is obsessed with nutmeg. They go to visit him and find his nutmeg concoction. He’s brought into the station for questioning. He doesn’t’ cooperate. They have figure out who would want each person dead and see if they can get them to flip on the cleaner. Sherlock might have found a whole bunch of victims. Joan gets a text and heads out. Later, Joan meets Sherlock at the station to interview the man who may have hired the cleaner. But Sherlock goes off on a tangent about Joan’s love life. They offer him immunity to flip on Woodbine. He flips and gives him up. They storm his offices and it smells of nutmeg. He’s very much dead and cleaned at this point. As Kitty dismantles the murder board she notices something in a photo. He is Woodbine’s superintendent, but he was also at a killers trial. Sherlock and Joan go back to see the murderer. They know it’s his son who is the new cleaner. They offer him a deal ot save his son. Kitty relaxes while Sherlock shows her video of the son being arrested. He congratulates her on figuring out what actually happened. At Joan’s, she is preparing a welcome home dinner for Andrew.

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