The X Files S02, Ep01 – Little Green Men

Show: The X Files
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: Little Green Men
Original Air Date: September 16, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mulder: So what do you want?
Scully: To know that you’re all right.

* Scully: And you’re worried that all your life you’ve been seeing elves?
Mulder: In my case, little green men.

* Mulder: What am I looking for?
Senator: Contact.

* Mulder: His expression reflects…My God Scully, he looks frightened to death.

* Mulder: Before I could only trust myself. Now, I can only trust you (Scully). And they’ve taken you away from me.

* Mulder: They came Scully. The ones that took her. They were here.

* Scully: You still have nothing.
Mulder: I may not have the X Files Scully, but I still have my work. I still have you. I still have myself.

Synopsis: Mulder talks about the space shuttle Voyager. He then introduces us to a listening station in Puerto Rico. But there is nothing he can do as the X Files has been closed. We see a transmission received on the listening station. Now, Mulder is on a stake out listening to a wiretap. Scully is teaching a class at Quantico. At the FBI office, Scully sees Mulder and says hi, but he ignores her. They meet up in the garage. He’s extremely paranoid. He asks her about an observatory in San Diego. He’s upset because he has no solid evidence of anything. She tries to comfort him as he even doubts if his sister’s disappearance was real. We see a flashback to Mulder playing a board game with his sister. The lights go out and the house starts shaking. There’s all kinds of lights. The door opens there is a bright light and his sister is levitated. He’s frozen as a strange figure stands at the door. He’s back in his apartment and some man comes to get him. They go to see Senator Matheson. They have an interesting meeting. He tells Mulder to go to Puerto Rico to check the station for contact. Mulder has gone missing and the Smoking Man wants to know where he went. He has arrived in Puerto Rico. He makes it to the station. Once inside he finds a machine running. Scully searches his apartment. She breaks into his computer and finds a clue. At the station, Mulder finds someone hiding and very freaking out. He doesn’t understand him, so he draws a picture of an alien. Scully has the pirint out analyzed. She learns this has happened before. Scully has figured out where Mulder has gone. The transmission starts again at the station. His companion runs outside and Mulder finds him dead of fright. Scully heads to the airport and makes to agents. She loses them and grabs a flight to Puerto Rico. He tries to do a visual autopsy. Everything starts shaking again. All different color of lights start flashing, the machine is going crazy recording a transmission. The door busts open and Mulder does everything to barricade it. The door opens, Mulder’s gun doesn’t work. He sees the same shape from when his sister was taken. The next thing he sees is Scully as he comes too. What he tells her, she’s overwhelmed by. They barely escape with their lives. Back in Skinner’s office, Mulder gets read the riot act. The Smoking Man is there too. Skinner flips and kicks him out of his office. He puts Mulder back on the same dead case. Mulder tries to play back the recording on the tape, but it’s blank. He goes back to listening to surveillance tapes.

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  1. Hey nice recap! Check out See why Mulder’s Puerto Rican adventure, Scully ignoring quarantines, Mulder’s fascination with BJs , and a literal shadowy character come in at #10-13 in my Season 2 Ranking of The X-Files!
    #review for my episode rankings (Little Green Men came in at #13 in Season 2).

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