Elementary S03, Ep05 – Rip Off

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 5
Title: Rip Off
Original Air Date:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Guarding a puddle are you? Got demoted?
Belle: Haven’t you heard, it’s not the size of the crime scene that counts.
* Kitty: I’d say she’s got a right to make record of her work and her stories.

* Sherlock: When we find this man he should stand trail for murder and crimes against the English language.

Synopsis: A woman walks through a red puddle and its got body parts in it. At the brownstone, Sherlock gives Kitty an agreement to sign. He and Kitty meet Belle at the scene. Sherlock thinks he knows where the rest of the body is. The trio winds up at the impound yard. He finds the rest of the body stuck under one of the towed cars. In the morgue, they get a rundown from the coroner. Sherlock determines he’s Jewish and they canvas the synagogues. Sherlock and Kitty find the one he belonged to. They learn of his business and go there to ask questions. Sherlock checks the breaker box and finds it’s fake. It’s hiding a high tech safe. Sherlock easily cracks the safe code and finds a ledger inside. At the brownstone, Sherlock is acting odd with Kitty even for him. He’s upset that he found a book that Joan wrote about him. While ranting he cracks the code. The dead man was a diamond smuggler. They go to the station to look through files. A briefcase turns up and it’s got diamonds. Belle is invited to the brownstone, to see how the killer ripped off the victim’s hand. A human would be strong enough to rip off the hand if the wrist was broken. There’s a gym not far from the victim’s office. Kitty and Sherlock wait on a manager at the gym. Kitty asks about the book. Sherlock confronts a giant sized man there. Sherlock challenges him to arm wrestling. It’s quite a laugh. He got a DNA sample. Kazmir decides to offer a full confession. They go over the evidence provided by Kazmir. There are three names still remaining to be killed. One of them works at the victims office. They talk to him and learn more about the smuggling. Kitty pays the Captain a visit. She discusses his daughter’s situation with him. Belle interviews someone caught with illegal diamonds. He tells them that the victim was getting out of diamonds. Sherlock and Kitty discuss the case at the brownstone. He challenges Kitty to come up with another suspect. The book comes up again. Kitty wants to read it. She thinks Sherlock is afraid to. Kitty pours a soda on the laptop with the book destroying it. Belle emails Sherlock letting him know that the hit money was found, but contains no prints. Kitty thinks Amit is behind the murder. Belle brings him in. Sherlock and Kitty lay out quite the plot. He spills the beans. Gregson goes to his daughters precinct and shakes the cops hand he hit. Even though he doesn’t want to because he hit his daughter. He tells Gregson he is leaving the force to do private security. He tells her that Kitty paid him a visit. At the station, Gregson sees Kitty. He tells her what happened. She arrives back at the brownstone. He brings up the book this time. He clearly wishes he’d read it.

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