Bones S02, Ep03 – The Boy in the Shroud

Show: Bones
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Title: The Boy in The Shroud
Original Air Date: September 13, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Cam: Not many kids from the suburbs wind up in garbage cans. Fun facts from the front lines.

* Booth: What’s with the stink eye? It’s just a theory.

* Bones: Good, if you tell me that I get it. It’s empirical not guess work.

* Angela: Dr. Saroyan, I don’t want to be overly dramatic or anything. But if you lose Brennan you lose us all.

* Booth: I’m with Bones Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.

* Bones: He reads people the way that you read pathology reports, or I read bones.

Synopsis: The team is digging through garbage from an overturned garbage truck. Bones does not understand why she is there. Cam shows her a skeleton. She confirms it’s a minor and Booth takes the case. Hodgins finds something in it’s hands. At the lab, they go over the skeleton. Cam thinks he took a steep fall. Angela has analyzed the shroud he was wrapped in. She tells them the material has an imprint of his face from cellular breakdown. Angela brings him to life, so to speak. The dead boy is the boyfriend of a girl in foster care. Booth and Bones notifies the parents. They are shocked. The parents blame the foster child and Bones is offended. Booth and Bones drive to his office. Bones is clearly not ok. The foster mom tells them that Kelly has a little brother, named Alex. The foster mom breaks the news to Alex that Dylan is dead. Alex is worried because he hasn’t heard from her. Booth promises him that he’ll find his sister. Cam joins Bones and Booth in her office and has results from under the finger nails. It’s rust. Cam and Booth start talking about the foster child as if she is the murderer. Bones is extremely offended. Booth and Bones head to a Russian restaurant. Bones asks some teenagers for help. They aren’t helpful. They come upon a van. It’s an outreach and they mistook them for drug dealers. Bones shows the pair the photo. They recognize them. The pair take them to the warehouse. There’s a memorial for him at the warehouse. Someone runs by and Bones tackles him. He tells them a little and points them towards the pair that “helps” the kids. At Booth’s office, the two discuss foster kids. In the lab, Hodgins is attacking rust samples. Booth interviews the male member of the sandwich duo. Booth doesn’t believe a word he says. At the lab, Bones and Cam have a dust up. Alex goes to see Booth. He got a call from Kelly. Booth tries to reassure him. Cam calls in Booth, the man who does the sandwiches is now dead. She cuts him open, pulls out the rib with the bullet and gives it to Zach to retrieve. Cam asks Booth about what would happen if Bones left. He tells her that everyone would leave. Hodgins walks in with a rose. Booth tells Cam she may have gotten off on the wrong foot with Bones because she had been a foster kid. Cam has egg on her face. Booth and Hodgins go to the flower garden where he located the flower. Kelly is there. She says she killed him. The interrogation goes downhill. At the diner, the sandwich lady comes in. She hands over the gun she used to kill him. As Booth arrests her, Bones thanks her. In the lab, the case of murder two is closed. Hodgins finds a pipe that matches. Angela does a recreation of Dylan’s death. Booth realizes that she didn’t kill Dylan, she’s covering for someone. Bones talks with in in interrogation. She gets in her head to get to the truth. Kelly thinks it’s all her fault. Her brother Alex killed Dylan and she was trying to protect him. When Alex is brought down, they get to say goodbye to each other. Kelly is beside herself as Booth takes him away. In Angela’s office, Hodgins gives her the white rose, they share a look and he walks away. Bones finds Cam at the diner. Bones sits and tells her about herself and that she was a foster kid. They agree on a get out of jail free type situation, she’ll get three a week. The two come to an understanding.

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