Numb3rs S02, Ep11 – Scorched

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: Scorched
Original Air Date: December 16, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Colby: If you build it the ELM will burn it.

* Larry: As fire destroys it also creates.

* Megan: A homicide investigation is not random harassment.

* Megan: Wow, cigarettes, lighter, spray paint. I thought you guys were about clean air.

* Megan: I guess it does pay off sometimes to be a know-it-all.

* Charlie: Larry posited that the character of the fire will reveal the character of the person who set it.

* Charlie: Wow, one wrong decision and his life is almost ruined.
Alan: Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Synopsis: We see some crude video of car lots. The video person starts blowing things up. An employee comes onto the lot and he gets blown up as well. Don and his team is on scene. It’s the fourth fire. Charlie appears on the scene. He and the arson investigator have a unique conversation. The two decide to work together. Larry and Charlie work on the case in his office. Larry brings up big oil and our dependence on it. Larry points out the singular difference in this fire versus the other three. Megan goes to meet with the ELM. She doesn’t get anywhere. Back at Don’s office, they consider that someone is framing the ELM. They go through photos and come up with a possible suspect. They go to his dorm room but only find his roommate. He gives them permission to search. Between computer history and a map on the wall, they find another possible target. Don and his team head to the site. They see the suspects car. Don finds Jake and gives chase. They corner and catch him. Larry, Charlie and the arson investigator go back to the scene. The data Charlies requests shocks the arson inspector. At the college, Megan asks Charlie to talk to the suspect’s roommate. They get part of the information. Larry and Charlie go and meet with Professor Bill Nye. He has recreated the fire. Their experiment fails. They determine that booth fire was not a backdraft. The whole team starts to brainstorm about the accelerant use. Alan comes into the garage to find it’s been taken over by Charlie and Larry. The conversation demonstrates that the two fires at the car lot were set by different people. Breaking down Jake’s computer they find a link to his roommate. Charlie goes over fire and how many ways it’s created with Don and the team. His math proves that the booth fire was don’t done by ELM. They get a call during the meeting, there’s another fire. At the scene, the arson investigator goes over what happened. Megan thinks the firefighters were targeted. Charlie and he goes over the details. Something just doesn’t add up. They take the roommate, Ethan in, he writes a confession. Megan and Colby think he’s doing it for attention. At the house, Charlie and Larry are using the bathroom to test a fire. Alan comes in the bathroom perplexed. Charlie asks him about the standpipes. He determines the standpipes had to be tampered with. There was less water volume then they needed. At Don’s office, Charlie informs them that this arsonist is setting fires to trap firefighters. They bring Jake in to try and get him to tell the truth. He gets through to him. They get the password to his second login name. The chat links back to the arson investigator as the one who is setting the fires. Charlie is upset. The team heads to the apartments being built to track Stevens down. They find him and he’s planning a big fire with a chemical, but he accidentally burns himself up instead. Back in the bathroom, Don tries to give Charlie a plumbing lesson.

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