The Nanny S02, Ep01 – Fran-Lite

Show: The Nanny
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: Fran-Lite
Original Air Date: September 12, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: All work and no play
Niles: Makes the man rich enough to pay our salaries.

* Fran: Well what could be so humiliating about being smaller in a locker room?

* Fran: Oh he’s so naïve. I hope he doesn’t come walking out with RuPaul.

* Fran: The man’s got a life and I don’t. It’s a world gone mad.

* Miss Babcock: Good God, it’s multiplying.

* Fran: If anyone knows what a sweaty man smells like, it’s me.

Synopsis: It’s the first day of school and Fran and Niles are thrilled. After the kids leave Niles destroys the Nintendo. Fran is looking at the list of most eligible bachelors and Max has moved up to number three. He’s not amused. The kids come home and the noise returns with them. Gracie is excited about school. Brighton comes in very unhappy. Fran goes to check on him. When he tells her what is wrong, she misunderstands. Fran goes straight to Mr. Sheffield. It takes him a few minutes to catch on. Once he understands he’s distressed. Mr. Sheffield tries to talk to Brighton and it goes badly. Val is over. She and Fran have plans. They invite him to join him. He decides he doesn’t want to go. They egg him on and he decides to go with them. Mr. Sheffield gets into the club, but Fran and Val are left standing in line. Max comes out and tells them he met someone. He brings her out. She looks and sounds like Fran. At the house, Max is getting ready to go out with Leslie again. Niles is curious what she looks like. When he opens the door he does a double and triple take. He runs for Miss Babcock. Niles drags her in the living room to show her the Fran twins. CC is horrified. Niles can’t resist. He has to ask Max if Leslie reminds him of someone. But he gets it wrong. In the living room the two twins are having a blast. Fran is excited for them as they leave. It is driving Niles insane that no one sees how similar she is to Fran. Brighton comes in actually totally normal and Fran suspects something. He didn’t go to gym class. She goes to check on him. He starts talking about how he’d need to grow another foot to be equal to the other guys. Now she’s in territory she can handle. Later than night, Fran is watching at the door because Mas isn’t home yet. Max comes home. He tells her that they have broken up. He thanks her for reminding him that he’s still alive.

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