Numb3rs S02, Ep09 – Toxin

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Toxin
Original Air Date: November 25, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Alan: No, I’m saying nothing is completely safe.

* Charlie: Well there’s random and then there’s random.
Alan: The difference being what?

Synopsis: Kids are playing by the pool and their father has an asthma attack. He uses his inhaler and then starts seizing. Don’s team is called in, they think its product tampering. This victim had a stroke. Charlie meets with the team at Don’s office. He has a different theory than they do. Charlie thinks the drug being used to poison people is the key to the case. All the products trace to Greybridge. The CEO of the company doesn’t cooperate. At the house, Alan, Don and Charlie discuss what’s going on. Charlie points out there are different types of randomness and in each situation, there are boundaries that limit the outcomes. At the office, David brings in a free magazine. The attacker has released a manifesto. David and Colby track down the free newspaper and get the full manifesto. Don takes the copy straight to Charlie. Megan tracked the attacker to Sibley. The postmaster who runs the office it was mailed from even remembers him. David and Colby head to the town of Sibley to meet up with another agent. The agent saw him and he’s drawn a sketch of him. At the office, Larry shows up to talk with Megan about the manifesto. Larry tells her that the attacker is a gifted scientist. There’s multiple links between the scientist, McHugh (a fugitive) and Graybridge Pharmaceuticals. She’s able to figure out who the attacker is. He worked at the Graybridge company that created the drug being used for the tampering. He was fired for being a whistleblower on the drug. David and Colby go over the security camera footage again and find the suspect at all four stores injecting the drug in products. At the house, Don takes over the garage floor trying to track McHugh. Charlie has a plan. Megan learns the antibiotics that McHugh used was also from Graybridge. The pair meet up with Eddgerton to get some insight. David and Colby learn that the investigator hired by Graybridge to follow the suspect was aware of what’s going on. Don gets informed at his hotel that a body was found and it’s likely the suspect. While Charlie and Don talk they don’t realize that they are being easedropped on by the hired gun. Megan learns that the antibiotic from Graybridge didn’t work and it will be in McHugh’s blood as evidence. Charlie manages to figure out McHugh’s most likely paths. They three go to the ranch. Don finds evidence of the shot. A second gunman shot the US Marshal. Eddgerton finds fresh tracks. He and Don pursue and send Charlie back to the hotel for safety. Eddgerton finds the hired gun and stops him. They chase McHugh and he runs into the dump site full of ordinance. Charlie joins them along with Megan for negotiations. Megan puts on a vest and goes in the dump. She tells him everything. It’s a tense standoff but she gets through to him and they take him in. Back at the house, all the truth has come out and Graybridge is out of business. Megan and Larry went to lunch and hit it off. They tease him and he leaves.

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