Numb3rs S02, Ep08 – In Plain Sight

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: In Plain Sight
Original Air Date: November 18, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Megan: So we got all the underlings and the kingpin got away?

* Don: Let the system do it’s job.
Charlie: Your system is incomplete.

* Alan: Look, Don, this is a life you’ve chosen for yourself. I’d rather you not choose it for Charlie.

* Larry: Aristotle said that an infinity is the lack of limitation.

* Charlie: You ever want to kill somebody?
Megan: A couple of times, like today.

* Megan: No one ever knows what they are going to do in a situation until they are there.

Synopsis: The team prepares to execute a raid but a civilian steps in and messes the whole thing up. Don goes in to rescue the civilian but has to kill the suspect. Megan goes to where he called and takes Charlie. She found the meth lab. Another team shows up. Megan sees a trip wire right as the a team member batters the door. The bomb blows massively and the house turns into a fireball. Charlie can see that Megan appears to be ok. At least one agent did not survive. Don arrives and checks on Megan. She is upset. Don tells her no one is inside, but Megan believes she saw a person inside. They go in and search. David finds a tunnel system under the house. Charlie goes with the computer to the tech. She gets a photo off the drive. David tells Megan that the head of the organization got away. Megan gets the brother of the dead guy to give up a name. Don is worried about Megan. At the house, Larry is worrying about Megan. As Charlie is working on the image it’s behaving strangely. But it is steganography. Charlie cracks the image but it turns out it’s a young girl. Don is very angry at the discovery. He and Charlie blow up at each other. Charlie hands over the photo but he is very upset. Charlie tells his dad about a girl who lived down the street. He felt something was wrong but couldn’t do anything to help her. At the office, David learns 9 packages were picked up from the house. Megan has learned the chemicals came from Sonora Mexico. Don doesn’t listen to Charlie about the missing girl. Charlies talks about an agent about the missing girl. There’s a man there filing a report and he has a picture of the same little girl. Don goes to the house and Alan tells him about the little girl Charlie couldn’t help as a kid. Larry and Charlie are watching the stars and analyzing the suspect. The hard drive is either encrypted or partitioned. The race to the computer lab. Don arrives. Larry finds the hidden partition. The data is encrypted. Charlie cracks it. They find he’s a member of a gun club. Larry and Charlie are leaving his office when he hears his fax machine. Charlie recognizes the man as the man he saw in the FBI office. Charlie calls Don and tells him where he saw him. They follow Charlie’s lead. He left a cell phone number. They hit the motel but they are late. Charlie storms in to don’s office angrily about the girl. He’s found emails. There’s a chase on the truck on tv. They corner the woman as Don and Megan pulls up. Megan sets the agent straight. At the office, they go on high alert. Charlie said he mentions the train station in the emails. The child services person wants to take the little girl from the mom. Megan and Colby are at the train station watching for him. The child protective person talks to Libby. At the station, he pops up and Megan spots him. They apprehend him. Don tells Charlie they got him at the train station. Charlie is as affected as Megan. She offers to give him a ride home and some food. He tells Megan about the little girl in his neighborhood that he didn’t help. Megan suggests he find the girl and talk to her.

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