The X Files S01, Ep23 – Roland

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 23
Title: Roland
Original Air Date: May 6, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Roland: People die, they go away. They aren’t supposed to come back.

Synopsis: A janitor is trying to work a keypad, but fails. He’s mentally disabled. A scientist helps him but puts him down. The room has scientist’s working on a jet engine project. The three of them are fighting. One scientist goes into the turbine room to make some changes. The door closes behind him. The janitor starts working at the computer and turns the turbine on with the scientist in the chamber. Roland erases some math on the board. He writes a new problem. The turbine reaches speeds of over Mach 6 and inhales the scientist. Scully and Mulder are brought in. They speak with the two remaining scientists and the project leader. Then they go to speak with Roland. They don’t get any answers but Mulder takes a paper he was writing on. A handwriting expert can’t match Roland’s writing to what’s on the white board either. Roland is having another memory flash. At the lab, one of the scientists is working. Someone enters the code on the lab door. Roland cracks him over the head with his coffee cup. He puts him face first into liquid nitrogen. Scully explains what happened to Mulder. The two go back to see Roland. Mulder tries to help him pick out a shirt to calm him. Roland tells him Dr. Grable got him his job. He tells Mulder that he died and wasn’t supposed to come back. Scully requests a copy of Roland’s file. Mulder postulates that Dr. Grable is using Roland. Scully discovers that Dr. Grable and Roland share the same birthdate. Back at the house Roland lives at he’s talking to a girl and gets a scary vision. He scares her but he doesn’t want to hurt her so he locks himself in the bathroom. The duo talks to the project manager again, they suspect a cover up or a faked death. At the college, Dr. Grable’s body is in a cryogenic capsule. The temperature on his unit fluctuates randomly. Based on the file Mulder thinks that Roland and Dr. Grable are twins. Mulder has a computer artist do some comparison and confirms they are twins. He goes back to talk to Roland. Roland doesn’t want to tell him about his dreams because they are bad. He shows him a photo of Dr. Grable and he starts getting very upset and hitting himself in the head and screaming. He runs into the bathroom again. Mulder explains psychic connections to Scully. He tells her that Grable isn’t dead because of the cryogenics chamber he’s in. The project manager was spying on them through the cameras. He goes to Dr. Grable’s cryo-crypt and reprograms it to slowly warm up. Roland is somewhere working in a notebook and gets a flash of a temperature. Scully gets the records proving that they are indeed identical twins. Scully gets a call from the cryo facility. She learns the capsule has been messed with. Roland is back at the lab working on the turbine. It’s up to Mach 13. He gets flashes of the temperature being fixed. The project manager walks in on him. He realizes it’s Dr. Grable working through Roland. He pulls out a gun. Roland knocks him out with a keyboard. Mulder and Scully rush to the school. The project manager is put in the turbine room and Dr. Grable/Roland start it up. Mulder and Scully run to the turbine room. Mulder asks Arthur how to stop it. Then Scully asks Roland to help stop it. We see the cryo temp hit 150. Mulder and Scully try to explain to the house mother what happened. He shows her how Roland has completed the calculations. Roland is in his room packing. Tracy comes to see him. She asks where he is going. He tells her he has to leave. He gives her his jar of stars. She tells him she loves him and he tells her he does too.

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