Elementary S02, Ep24 – The Grand Experiment

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 24
Title: The Grand Experiment
Original Air Date: May 15, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: What part of your being framed for murder and treason did you not understand?

* Sherlock: Someone thought that gibberish was important enough to infiltrate a city morgue and make off with both of his arms.

* Sherlock: In my experience diligence is the mother of luck.

* Sherlock: So I will change, for you.

* Joan: You have this kind of pull, like gravity. I’m so lucky that I fell into your orbit.

Synopsis: Sherlock continues about Mycroft being framed for murder and treason. To prove his point, he grabs Mycroft’s car remote and starts it from the remote. The car explodes. Sherlock takes Mycroft and Joan to a safe house. Sherlock meets with MI6. At the safe house, Mycroft seems to be quoting things that Sherlock has said about him. Joan tries to cheer him up but it doesn’t work. Sherlock and Joan stake out a bookstore. Sherlock thinks the owner is linked to the mole. After he leaves they break in to search. They have a difference of opinion. He notices an odd and unused surge protector. It’s actually a scrambler. The tattoos on West’s arms are actually locations of cell towers. Mycroft says he was in all of these places at all of these times. His handler would have been with him. He’s the mole. Sherlock gets a call from the handler and puts him off. The next morning, Joan awakes to a note under her door. She finds a trail that she follows downstairs to Sherlock. A virus is the key. Sherlock gets a call from Captain Gregson. He tells Sherlock that the prints on the gun match Mycroft Holmes. At the brownstone, the doorbell rings and it’s Mycroft’s handler (the mole). He gets nosy. She gives him a bad tip. He threatens her. She pops up 15 witnesses to the conversion from the hacker group anonymous. Sherlock rushes back. Joan figured out the missing piece, the 17th call. She found someone murdered. Sherlock can’t focus. He’s still upset about everything going on. Joan tells Sherlock about a man who hired him in London. Sherlock pays Mycroft a visit and brings him up to speed. He’s confused about the whole situation. But he has every intention of fixing it all. Sherlock has Joan meet him at the scene of the murder that connects to the 17th call. He doesn’t think the murder was political, but it doesn’t match the crime scene report. He gives her a speech about how well their collaboration works. The conversation sparks Sherlock’s mind and he’s figured out how the murder took place. Mycroft finds his handler getting drunk. He gets him to start talking. Threats are made to Mycroft’s life as well as Sherlock and Joan. Gregson calls the bookstore owner into the station. They ask him about the murder. The man was stoned to death. The man was having an affair with the wife of the bookstore owner. His wife kept a piece of evidence proving he murdered the man. He sings like a bird. Bell tells them a British National in the morgue. It turns out to be the mole. Sherlock and Joan arrive back at the brownstone to find Mycroft. He tells them about the conversation. He went to the NSA for help and made a deal. The NSA has faked his death. Joan is upset and so is Sherlock. As Sherlock shows he’s upset, Mycroft hugs him and tells him he loves him. Then he leaves. Sherlock finds Joan making plans to see an apartment. He goes back downstairs and gets his heroin stash and puts it in his pocket. He goes to meet with MI6. Sherlock asks if the MI6 job offer was for real or not. It is indeed real. He joins MI6.

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