Elementary S02, Ep23 – Art in the Blood

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 23
Title: Art In The Blood
Original Air Date: May 8, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: And here I was thinking MI6 was an intelligence organization.

* Joan: He deserves better than you. So do I.

* Sherlock: The mystery of the tattoos persist.

* Joan: I love what we do. I love our partnership. But we do not need to live together.

* Joan: You are what you do. You have to to be happy. I don’t.

* Sherlock: You and my brother and this whole affair have upturned my life quite enough. Good luck with your hunt.

* Joan: Why didn’t you tell Sherlock? Why didn’t you tell me?

* Sherlock: It’s quite simple. You’re being framed for murder and treason.

Synopsis: Holmes arrives at the station. Watson calls his phone. He returns to the brownstone. Sherlock is furious. He deduces MI6 is involved. Mycroft tells him he’s with British Intelligence. Sherlock and Mycroft meet with Mycroft’s handler. MI6 wants Sherlock to take a case for them. They want him to look into the murder of a former agent. He heads back to the brownstone and updates Watson. They take the case and go to the morgue to take a closer look. Sherlock finds the body is missing his extremities. Sherlock and Bell talk to his ex-wife. She’s a tattoo artist and it triggers an idea. He thinks that the victim had invisible ink tattoos on his arms and that’s why there were removed from his body. That night Mycroft shows up at the brownstone to see Joan. She’s not having any of it. He tries to apologize. Sherlock pays a visit to Mycroft’s handler. He updates them on the tattoos. At the brownstone, Joan wishes to discuss something but they are interrupted by the dead man’s ex-wife. She confirms the tattoos on his arms and also provides photos of the tattoos. West thought that there was a mole in MI6. She’s now worried that whoever killed West is also after her. Sherlock has partially decoded the arm tattoos. Joan tells Sherlock she plans to move out and he won’t hear of it. Sherlock storms out. He meets with Mycroft’s handler and informs him there might be a mole. The handler asks Sherlock to work for MI6 permanently. He’s not interested. Joan chats with their house guest, the ex-Mrs. West the next morning. She tells Joan that Mycroft had left MI6 and then returned for an unknown reason. At the station, Sherlock is combing cold cases. The Captain tells him that they found the murder weapon. The fingerprint is quite distinctive. Sherlock recognizes it. Joan goes to visit Mycroft and asks about a name. He tells her that he rejoined MI6 to prevent Sherlock from going to jail. He got inadvertently with a terrorist group. Joan kisses him passionately. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock dusts a jar Mycroft picked up for prints. His fingerprints match the ones on the gun that murdered West. Back at Mycroft’s he and Joan are together. Joan tells him she told Sherlock she was moving out. Sherlock calls the handler. He tells him he knows who the mole is. Sherlock storms into Mycroft’s and finds them both. He tells them that Mycroft’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon.

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