Numb3rs S02, Ep04 – Calculated Risk

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 2
Episode: 4
Title: Calculated Risk
Original Air Date: October 14, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Megan: He’s like an overloaded circuit, he’s just shut down right now.

* Charlie: Your mother was a very smart lady.

* Megan: Well, he’s a nut with an alibi.

* Megan: What are you worried about? Your father is just an innocent CEO, right?

* Don: If you father is involved in a murder protecting him could land you in a hell of a lot of trouble.

* Alan: My hope for grandchildren has been rekindled.
Don: Don’t start dad.

Synopsis: A mother is getting her son ready for school. The doorbell rings. She answers it and gets shot to death. The team is working the scene. She was a whistleblower. Don thinks it’s why she was killed. At the office, Charlie shows as Colby says they could use the wiz kid’s help. Charlie had been working on the case so he’s already familiar with the details. Don talks to the victim’s son. Larry pops into Charlie’s office. He helps him work on an equation to narrow down suspects. They determine that they have to figure out who was involved with the fraud. Don touches base with the prosecutor on the case. They hatch a little plan to interview the CEO. Don is upset that the kid is being sent to a group home. Don brings the kid to his dad’s house. Alan is a bit worried. The kid tells Don that he saw a dark colored car drive away after the gunshots. Back at the office, Colby and David are going through a long list of threats against the victim. Megan brings an employee to their attention. Charlie comes downstairs and learns of Daniel staying there. He keeps an eye on him while Don runs to the airport. But he gets nothing from the CEO but terse words. Alan tries to comfort Daniel. Colby goes to see Charlie. He brings a profile from Megan. But Charlie tells him there was a data glitch. That name matches a name on Charlie’s list. They track him to a hotel room. The room seems more like a newspaper morgue, with articles and photos. He comes in while they are in the room. They give chase and see that he has a gun. They catch him and arrest him. At the office, they’re all confused by what is playing out. He tells Don that he’s been collecting evidence for the prosecutor. Daniel surprises Charlie in the garage. He tries to make Daniel feel better. He says something that gives Charlie an idea. Morton has an alibi. But Charlie has solved the fraud case. He found some insider fraud for energy futures. This is the real reason why the woman was killed. They try to talk to the CEO and get nowhere. Don heads back to the house to check on Daniel. Daniel asks if the bad guys are going to come after him. He gives him news about his grandma. Larry is in Charlie’s office, he’s worried he won’t get his grant. They try and figure out how to track the transactions. Larry is bugged by a leak and his analysis of the leak solves the problem. At Don’s office, they hit a snag. The social security numbers of the five traders don’t expect. Don gets a call from his dad, Daniel is missing. At the house, Alan is beside himself. Charlie finds he called a cab. Don and Megan head back to the house. Don finds Daniel. He was trying to trigger his memory. The car he saw was a Mercedes Benz. David rushes in, he found a link with the missing five people. They team swoops in at the airport stopping him from leaving. But it’s actually the CEO’s son who did it. The son wasn’t happy being stuck on a trading desk. Don takes Daniel to the airport. His grandma can’t fly but will be waiting at his destination when he gets there.

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