Elementary S02, Ep19 – The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 19
Title: The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville
Original Air Date: April 3, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: He might not have killed those women. We may have let an innocent man die.

* Joan: I don’t think he did it. I don’t think he murdered any of those women.

* Joan: I do know that I was standing over a dying patient and thinking about justice. A doctor’s not supposed to do that.
Sherlock: It sounds more like a consulting detective.

Synopsis: Holmes, Watson and Bell are at the scene of a murder. Bite marks leave him stumped. An officer from another division shows up regarding the bit marks. However, Sherlock proves it an accident. He goes into cold storage and pokes a dead body which turns out to be the robber. The detective leaves, but Joan goes after her. They discuss the case. Joan goes to the hospital to meet with an old colleague. She wants to talk to him about Colville. It’s a flashback to 2005. A patient from a prison is brought it and Joan is one of the doctors. He dies. Present day, Joan is questioning the doctor she worked with on that patient. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock tells Joan they have been invited to help search for a sunken ship. Joan isn’t interested. The two go over the case she is looking at. She speaks of her guilt in his death but Sherlock assures her it was not her fault. But he’ll help her catch the real killer. Sherlock holds a sign up asking to get punched in the arm to get the hacker collective to help him. They get him the dental records, all 27,000 of them. Joan finally finds the biter. The suspect is brought into the station. However, he has dentures. So his teeth are a copy of the murders teeth. Turns out Colville’s teeth were used as a model for prison dentures. Sherlock and Joan go to visit the dentist at the prison. The previous dentist made the dentures. There were 8 sets of dentures made. And four of them are not suspects. They meet with the remaining three but one can’t be tracked down. So they now have their suspect. Joan is still bothered by the doctor she worked with and requests all the files of his cases. The next day, Sherlock wakes Joan. They have to go back to the prison and go through every file. Turns out that the man at the prison who’s been helping them also got a set of the dentures. He’s now the prime suspect. Joan thinks that before he took off he went home to get his dog. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock has a giant purple prom dress. He’s got to do something else for the collective. They provide most of his social media profiles. His dog is popular and also has cancer. They show up to the dog’s treatment. They are able to capture the fugitive. He gets interrogated. He has an issue with his hand and Joan comes to take a look. He’s got a broken finger. Joan thinks he is innocent. Joan goes over the previous cases. The meds he was taking causes brittle bones and that’s why she does not believe he did it. Joan gets a text and goes to meet the doctor she worked with. He finally tells her the truth about Colville. He confessed to murdering two women. Sherlock and Joan discuss the doctor and the dentures. The next morning Joan wakes up to Clyde holding a note. Sherlock now suspects Colville’s mother of the newest murders. They go to visit his mother. Sherlock visits her restroom. He finds the snap on dentures that are a match to her sons teeth. They arrest her for the murders. At the brownstone, Sherlock tells Joan of the mother’s confession. Joan is shredding all the files.

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