Bones S01, Ep20 – The Graft in the Girl

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Title: The Graft in the Girl
Original Air Date: April 26, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: It’s not nice to fool mother nature.

* Booth: If you’re just the mechanic then who’s responsible for all the parts you install.

* Hodgins: Not bad for a certified member of the geek squad.

* Zack: She went in for a broken leg and was poisoned.

* Bones: Well you can spit into four states from where we are now.

* Bones: If Biotech doesn’t exist, then who sold the diseased bone to the hospital?

* Bones: All of these people. You’re saving their lives.

* Bones: Hey, don’t harass my assistant.

Synopsis: Booth, Bones and Angela are in a pediatric cancer ward. The Deputy Director’s daughter is there. Angela starts talking to the little girl about art. Bones asks about the cancer. She had a broken leg that required a bone graft. The X-ray tells a story. Bones speaks to the doctor who did her surgery and informs him it gave her cancer. She gets him to do a bone biopsy on the graft. Bones and Booth check with the coordinator. He doesn’t have any real information, but he gives them the number of the tissue bank it was procured from. At the lab, Angela is digitizing some of Amy’s art. The analysis of the bone graft sample, it was from a 60-year-old. The graft is riddled with terminal cancer. Bones informs the director that the bone graft is what gave his daughter the cancer. He’s upset and tells them to notify the CDC. Both are concerned about how many others are going to fall victim to this graft cancer. Back at the hospital, Angela is projecting Amy’s art on the wall. She asks Angela about the Louvre Museum. The pair go to visit the tissue bank. They arrive to find it boxed up and abandoned. Back at the hospital, Bones informs them that Biotech hasn’t existed in two years. His assistant did some research on who else got a graft from the same donor. There is one name. Booth finds out she is dead. Zack checks the graft from her. It has the same cancer, and that cancer killed her as well. Booth interrogates the donor coordinator. He explains the procurement process. Angela goes to visit Amy and shows her some of her work. Back at the lab, Booth tells them 4 hospitals have used BioTech. The tally of victims is up to 14. Bones wants to try and identify the donor. Hodgins just tracked a body to Virginia, now it’s across state lines and becomes Federal. Booth tells the director, and gets approval to move forward. Meanwhile, the graft recipients they’ve tracked down are all getting biopsies of their grafts. Three of them have early signs of cancer. Amy pops up at the biopsy sessions. She leaves upset. At the lab, they narrow in on their search for the donor’s identity. Hodgin’s does a laser analysis and they are able to shorten the list to three possible donors. One is being exhumed, another is cryogenically frozen. They are eliminated as the donor. Bones and Booth talk to the widow of the third man. She tells them a funeral home cremated him but isn’t willing to give a sample of the cremains. While they update the director, the doctor needs to speak to he and his wife. It’s not good news. Booth and Bones go to check with a funeral director. Booth gets a warrant for the ashes. Hodgins confirms the cremains are consistent with the donor. They go back to the mortuary with a warrant. They go through the building. A casket showroom use to be a body prep room. Bones climbs up to examine a ventilation shaft. She finds bone dust. Zack analyzed the bone dust and it’s a match to the donor. But the dust has come from at least 7 bodies. But now they need to find out who actually harvested the bones. Booth hauls the mortician in. Bones heads back to the hospital to check in with the tissue coordinator office. They have a collection of phones for prospective donors. The coordinator’s assistant is the one who’s been cutting the grafts. Booth comes in and arrests her. It doesn’t help Amy. Angela is upset. Hodgins tells Angela she can create the Louvre for Amy. Everyone goes to the hospital. Angela has created a 3D virtual Louvre for Amy.

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