Criminal Minds S01, Ep19 Machismo

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Title: Machismo
Original Air Date: April 12, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Hotch: “The house does not rest on the ground, but upon a woman.” – Mexican proverb

* Hotch: “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.” – Anthony Brandt

Synopsis: The Day of the Dead celebration is taking place in Mexico. A family’s son has come home drunk and told he’s not welcome. His mother is crying when there is knock at the door. The person attacks and kills her. At Hotch’s house, he carries a crying Jack downstairs. It’s also his birthday party. The phone rings and its Gideon, there’s a case. The team gets briefed by JJ. Gideon makes Hotch go with them to Mexico. On the plane, they discuss how other countries refuse to accept that they also have serial killers. They arrive at the police station. The Captains fills in the team on the drive to the crime scene. They go over the scene. The Captain thinks there was a woman that the victim was drinking with, based on the drink. The team determines it was a sexual crime. Gideon informs him they are looking for a heterosexual male. They head back to the station and Gideon and Hotch are introduced to the district attorney. Inside, they all discuss the case. They talk to the suspect, Miguel. Gideon determines that he is gay and that is why caused the fight and why he left. Hotch is upset that they were played. The Captain apologizes because he wants to catch the serial killer and protect the women in the city at all costs. They need the truth about Miguel so that speak to the sister who’s been sitting at the station since he was arrested. She tells them about Miguel’s friend Roberto. She helps as much as she can as she does not want her brother killed in prison. The Captain finds out that Roberto was married before he was with Miguel. He could have committed the murder. They question him and learn that Miguel’s uncle was causing most of the issues. He tells them he saw a woman who looked like a social worker and describes what she looked like. She’s now being searched for as a witness. Back at the station, Gideon rules out a family member. Garcia calls with DNA analysis. One glass had female DNA and the other had male DNA. Reid thinks the social worker is actually a man dressed as a woman. The team now delivers the full profile. During the meeting, an officer comes in and informs them there’s been another murder. They all head to the new crime scene. Elle talks to the daughter of the victim. Back at the station, they’ve rounded up all the men who dress like women. The District Attorney is angry and tells the BAU to go home. There was a major miscommunication and they learn it is because not all sex crimes are reported so they have an incomplete database. JJ preps the Captain for the press conference. The team goes over the murders on record. The officers and the team go out and canvas for rape victims. They speak with one in particular who might have information. She tells Elle about her rape. Back at the station, they discuss the timeline. The officer lets them know the rape victims have arrived. They were all raped by the same man. In a house, somewhere, some sits in a chair watching tv. At the station, the Captain asks the women to tell him their stories. Gideon thinks. The victim’s all tell the same story. One of the officers finds a link, four ladies work in the same factory. They go to the factory and speak to the owner. She’s dismissive. They describe him and she doesn’t recognize him but allows them to check the employee records. Hotch wants to know what would make him stand out. It generates an idea. She has one person who always asks, “How did I do?” At his home, they find the dead mother and she is wearing the stolen jewelry. On the wall his has photos of all his rape victim’s IDs. At the station, the officer charted all the rape victim’s names. The Captain discovers that the rape victim’s mothers are being murdered. They race to Milagro’s house to try and save her mother. There are signs of a struggle that lead them to the back yard. They find him, dying. All the victim’s come out of the bushes. At the station, the District Attorney is not charging anyone with this crime as it’s self-defense.

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