Numb3rs S01, Ep13 – Man Hunt

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: Man Hunt
Original Air Date: May 13, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Larry: I’m with Einstein. There are no accidents.

* Charlie: The crash wasn’t an accident, it was staged.

* Charlie: I don’t mean to replace your expertise, just cut down your leg work.

* Alan: I like coming when Charlie does a math for dummies lecture. It’s the only time I actually understand what he’s talking about.

* Charlie: Winning isn’t everything.
Don: Since when?

* Don: That would be one “O.”
Charlie: Is this a reliable dictionary?

Synopsis: Prisoners are loaded on a bus for a transfer. A car crashes into the bus causing it to flip over. Two inmates escape, stealing the truck of a passerby. Don, Charlie and David arrive on the scene. Back at the office, they try to come up with a plan to track down the two fugitives. Don’s old partner also joins them for the hunt. Don follows up with a witness in one of the cases. She doesn’t want witness protection again so he leaves officers at her work and home to watch out for her. Back at the house, Charlie is helping the CHP officer recreate the prison bus crash. Larry and Alan join them and they all discuss. David and Don’s old partner stake out one of the escapee’s girlfriends. David gets a call that the stolen pickup truck has been recovered. At the scene, Don has a dust up with an LAPD officer. At the house, Charlie enlists Larry’s help with garden equipment to recreate the bus accident. They figure it out. The crash was stage, it was not an accident. Don goes to the truck driver’s work and finds out he does not work there. When he checks the truck the driver is in it dead. At the office, David tells them the gardener hopped a flight out of the country. Charlie is there working. They get a call about spotting him at the girlfriends. The bust down the door and interrupt he and his girlfriend. They arrest him. In interrogation, he flips on McDowd. He tells them McDowd broke out to kill someone. They track him down to a bar. Don decides to wait till the bar closes but then they hear gunfire and race inside the building. The LAPD cop from earlier is why McDowd escaped and opened fire in the bar. Charlie is working in his office and getting nowhere but frustrated. He can’t filter the bad data from the bad. Larry helps him realize they need to analyze duplicate sightings to figure out which are most likely false. Don goes back to talk to the witness and put her in protection. She finally agrees. Charlie is giving a lecture, his father is sitting in. Don and Cooper show up to his class. Alan expresses his concern about Don and manhunting. Charlie goes over the tip map and his new equation. It looks like a hunting pattern. The leader of the Z Boys might be his target. They head to the location on Charlie’s map and find a massacre. Back at the office, Don and Cooper try to come up with a link between McDowd and the Z Boys. They determine that McDowd couldn’t have been handcuffed to kill the driver. The guard tells them that it was set up by Det. Reid, he’s the officer that Don had the dustup with and who let him get away from the bar. They realize the witness is not safe and race over. McDowd has her but they get him to let her go. They continue to pursue him on foot. Don takes him down. Don checks on the witness. He makes sure an officer takes her home. Don and the team arrest Reid. Coop and Don say their goodbyes. Back at the house, Don and Alan are playing a game of chess against Charlie. The duo manages to win the game. Don gets called back to work. Alan challenges Charlie to Scrabble.

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