Numb3rs S01, Ep06 – Sabotage

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: Sabotage
Original Air Date: February 25, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: They day you take your kid to work you get in a wreck.

* Terry: So we need the key to crack the code.

* Alan: She likes you, you know? Aren’t you ever going to do something about that?

* Frank: Agent Eppes, there are a lot of trains out there. You can’t protect all of them.

* Don: I want you to know I don’t take for granted what you do.
Charlie: I never thought you did.

* Charlie: Math is the real world. Math is everywhere.

* Charlie: Math is nature’s language. It’s way of communicating with us, everything’s numbers.

Synopsis: A school bus is hit by a train. The conductor tried to stop the train but failed. The conductor released an emergency valve to try to save the kids on the school bus, but it cost him his life. Turns out the bus was empty, so he died trying to save kids that weren’t there. An investigator tells them it was a recreation of a prior train accident. The guy who caused the wreck left a note too. The note is some kind of code. Back at the office the investigator goes over all the train cases and their copycats. Charlie and Amita join them. Don fills Charlie and Amita in on the case. Charlie and Amita do a quick analysis. Charlie lists several ways he might be able to the code without the key. A train spotter turns into footage he filmed of the accident. He might have gotten footage of three people damaging the train. He also got the vehicle’s license plate. At Charlie’s office Charlie and Amita are surprised by Larry. Larry is hiding from another female professor who he just had an extremely romantic night with, simply because he believes it cannot be duplicated. He then makes a statement about the math department being the least sexually charged of all of them and this causes Amita and Charlie to share a look. Don and his team stake out the van used in the robbery. They attempt to lure the suspect out. They move in to find him dead in the kitchen. He’s also a railroad cop. His garage is filled with stuff that was on four of the sabotaged trains. Don gets another call from the man setting up the train wrecks. Charlie is at the house and Amita is waiting in the car. Alan gets mad at him for leaving her in the car and points out the fact that Amita likes him. Charlie and Amita has a train expert for some help. The expert invites Amita to dinner and she declines while Charlie feels a slight twinge of jealously. Back at Don’s office they continue to dig into train cases for a connection. It leads them to a warehouse that they raid. They talk to the people in the warehouse. Horizontal Bob is nowhere to be found, but they do get some information on him. Charlie and Amita are back at the school. They discuss the docent who hit on her. Amita tells Charlie that someone asking someone out is how you know if they like you. They find Larry and try to console him. The two continue working on the train case and discover that the numbers are from an NTSH report about a Cohone accident. Back at Don’s office the two tell Don and his team about what they discovered. Don wonders if the remaining digits are for a license. Turns out it was the license of the engineer who got blamed for the accident. They interview his wife. Turns out that there were issues with the breaking system that the train company covered up. Terry doesn’t think the engineer died in the crash and that he is sending her money. He is also the man he talked to at the warehouse. He called from a switch station. Don ups the security. Charlie analyzes the trains to see which is most like the one that crashed in the Cahone pass. Mrs. Milton comes into the office and tells them that Frank called her. He told her goodbye and now they are worried it will be a suicide mission. We then see Frank with explosives strapped to his body. Charlie sets up with the investigator at the switch station. Charlie finds a train nearly identical and its carrying nuclear waste. Frank is wearing a security uniform and the others walk right by him. But Don spots him. Frank uncovers his bomb. Terry comes around the corner and sees what’s going on. David comes upon the scene and he manages to disarm the bomb. Back at the office Amita tells Charlie she got Larry to ask the professor out again. Charlie is in the middle of asking Amita out when Don interrupts him. The team is at the house having a dinner. He then demonstrates the Fibonacci sequence. Amita walks in the room and all Charlie can do is stare at her.

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