Numb3rs S01, Ep04 – Structural Corruption

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: Structural Corruption
Original Air Date: February 11, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Charlie: How could this happen?
Larry: Sadly, it happens all the time.

* Alan: Look it’s my first date in over 35 years. I would like memorable instead of low key.
Don: Low key and memorable aren’t mutually exclusive.

* Terry: From a forensic psychologists point of view, it is what it is.

* Larry: Something I could help you with?

* Larry: A scholar’s research continues to speak long after he’s gone.

* Charlie: He came to me with a question. I owe him an answer.

* Charlie: He was right. And he might have paid with his life.

* Charlie: Sometimes what we do can be very lonely.

Synopsis: Larry and Charlie are on a hike. When they come out of the area they find the scene of a suicide. Charlie knew the person who jumped. Charlie does not think it’s a suicide. Don is not convinced. He gives in and they interview Ms. Salt. Don gets permission to check out the victim’s thesis work. He wants Charlie to check it all. When he goes to check the work, he finds Finn’s parents. He requests permission to look over his research. His father says yes and asks him to explain it to him after. Terry and David go to the morgue. The coroner thinks it’s a suicide but can’t rule out a homicide because of the extensive damage. Don meets with the person he got kicked out of school. Back at the office Alan pays Don a visit. He wants Don to meet his blind date. Don asks Terry for a psychological profile of Finn. Don meets with Charlie in his research office. He tries to dissuade him from this cause. But Charlie tells him he’s found evidence and Don blows it off. Larry arrives and offers to help. They discover that it hinges on a single building. Charlie pinpoints that he was curious about how the Cole Center would react to certain types of weather. He heads over to the Cole Center to do a test. The pendulum drew an ellipse. Charlie informs the team that the building was not built according to the actual plans. It does not respond correctly to wind. David’s team finds that Finn had tried to reach Cole and the architect. The coroner calls David back. Finn has defensive wounds. Don and Terry interview the construction company owner who built the building. They get stonewalled. David interviews the architect he doesn’t get very far. Don and Terry speak to Mr. Cole. Charlie and Larry put the data in a computer program to simulate how it will react to different situations. At the house Don and Terry help Alan prepare for his date. Charlie begins to get frustrated as the software simulates everything to be within the limits. Sadly, Alan’s date starts going downhill quickly. Don and Terry get saved by the phone. Charlie and Larry solved it. The building can’t handle cornering winds. They go to Cole and he refuses to listen. Charlie now thinks that the problem is in the foundation. Charlie shares his finding with Finn’s father. Don serves the construction company a subpoena and gets all the records. He gives them to Charlie to analyze. Charlie finds a pattern that there was overbilling in the building of the foundation. Alan thinks it was a shadow crew, non-union members. Don tries to hunt down hospital records of anyone who might have been working on the Cole Center. They find two people who fit. A Keith Babbet paid the bill. They begin searching for him. At his house David finds him in the garage trying to commit suicide. He’s got head trauma; the suicide was staged. He was able to identify who knocked him out. Don arrests him. He interrogates him. He wants to make a deal but claims he had nothing to do with the kid. Back at the FBI office Terry tells them that Finn sent a suicide note. He most likely committed suicide to draw attention to the Cole Center problems. Don and Terry arrest Cole’s assistant. She was the one who cut corners and stole a lot of money from him. Charlie shows Finn’s parents the change that will be made to the building to make it safe. His mother thanks him for understanding her son.

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