The X Files S01, Ep15 – Lazarus

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 15
Title: Lazarus
Original Air Date: February 4, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: I’m a doctor. Go up to 400 or I’ll do it myself.

* Mulder: Two men died in that crash room. One man came back. Question is, which one?

* Jack/Warren: Even ugliness is beautiful because of her.

* Mulder: It doesn’t matter what I think. We’re still after the same thing.

Synopsis: Scully is at the bank with another agent, staking it out. Outside a pair of bank robbers sit preparing to rob a bank. It happens to be the bank that Scully is in. The agent that is with her gets shot. Scully fires three shots at him, taking him down. The shooter dies in the ER. The FBI agent has been down for 12 minutes. The robbers body bounces as if it’s been shocked just like Jack. Jack’s heart starts beating again. It’s now two days later. Jack wakes up. He pulls out all of his tubes and steals the clothes of another patient. When he looks in the mirror, he sees Jack the FBI guy, but he’s actually the bank robber. He goes to the morgue and looks at his dead body. He takes the wedding ring off. Mulder joins Scully. Scully thinks that Willis has some post trauma psychosis. They discuss his previous job at a women’s prison. He had an affair with an inmate. Mulder realizes that the fingers were cut off to get the wedding ring. Willis heads to wear he and Lula live. Strangely, his tattoo is starting to appear on the arm of his new body. Mulder asks how long Jack was flat lined. He states that both men went into cardiac arrest at the same time. Scully and Mulder go to the University of Maryland to speak with a professor about near death experiences. Scully reveals that she had dated Jack for a year and that they share the same birthday. Jack/Warren goes to visit Lula’s brother. Tommy realizes it’s Warren and then is killed. Mulder and Scully go to the new crime scene. Jack/Warren shows up at the crime scene. Mulder pops in to visit Warren/Jack with a birthday card for Scully. Mulder gives Scully the card, but her birthday is not for two months. Jack/Warren did not know it wasn’t Scully’s birthday. Mulder compares the new signature to a known signature and it doesn’t match. But Scully still doesn’t believe it. Jack/Warren gets a call at his desk, he’s got a tip about the case. Scully goes with him. She is in apartment 207. He sees Lula and heads after her. She runs into the basement and they split up to search for her. Scully finds her and takes her down. Jack/Warren turns on Scully and she finally realizes it’s not actually Jack but Warren. When she awakes she hears Warren taking to Lula trying to prove who he is. Mulder and another agent check the apartment building for Scully and Willis, they have been missing for 12 hours. Warren calls Mulder and lets Scully say one word. Scully starts telling Jack about shared memories. Lula comes in and calms him down. He’s been drinking a lot of soda. Apparently, Jack is diabetic. Warren did not know this and is now symptomatic of impending diabetic coma. Mulder figures out the area that they are most likely in. He steals the insulin but Lula stops her from giving it to him. Lula admits that she set up Warren. She was happy to be rid of him. Lula calls the FBI to try and make a deal. She wants a million dollars in 24 hours. Mulder kept her on the line long enough to trace the call. But Lula called from Scully’s cell phone. Mulder has the audio from the call analyzed. They hear a small plane taking off. In the office several people criticize Mulder, Ruskin defends him. With this information he’s narrowed the area down to 3 square miles. Back in captivity Jack wakes up and talks to Scully. He’s now trying to remember from that memory she was trying to trigger. He passes out and Warren comes back. There is knock at the door. It’s a preacher selling bibles. In fact, it’s an officer who has now confirmed that that is Lula. When Lula comes in Scully tells her that Jack is dead. She drops her wedding ring on him and he suddenly wakes up and grabs her gun. The place is surrounded by FBI and other agencies. He shoots Lula and then dies. The tattoo on his arm fades away. Back at the office Mulder gives Scully the watch she got Jack. Scully is upset though. She notices the watch is not working. It stopped at 6:47, the exact time Jack went into cardiac arrest.

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