Mama’s Family S02, Ep01 – The Flaming Forties

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Title: The Flaming Forties
Original Air Date: September 29, 1983

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: What is all of this stuff?
Fran: Looks like dollar day at the thrift shop.

* Fran: Have a nice trip?

* Mama: What the hell’s going on here? This place looks like the inside of a goat’s stomach.

* Naomi: Come on think about something other than yourself for a change.

* Mama: My motto is drop it or die.

* Mama: Well, Sam, whoever thought we’d have to say goodbye to the 40’s twice in one lifetime?

* Mama: How’d you like to take a stroll down memory lane and hit a dead end?

* Mama: You two as chaperones. It’s like putting the crooks in charge of the prison.

* Mama: I ain’t in any mood to have fun. I’ll just stay home with Frannie.

* Mama: Frannie!! There’s some freak going through my records.

* Mama: I’ve combed things out of my dog that looked better than that one.

* Mama: Oh Buzz, how do you explain a war to a group that looks like casualties.

* Fran: Thelma!!! I think you’ve just been recalled to active duty.

* Mama: Well, hells bells. Let it never be said I was a slacker.

* Kid: We want Medication!
Mama: Well you’re getting Medicare.

Synopsis: Fran brings Mama home after having her bunions removed. When they enter they find all of Thelma’s stuff from the attic. Vint and Naomi tells them the school is having a garage sale and they are taking all her stuff to sell to raise money. Mama makes clear her stuff is not up for sale. Everyone leaves but Thelma. She starts going through all the stuff and plays a song on the Ukulele. Buzz and Sonja come home and think her old stuff is cool. The two want to borrow Thelma’s stuff for the dance to recreate the USO. They also learn that Thelma was part of the USO. She gives them a little history lesson. Later that day, Vint returns home and Thelma tells him about the dance. Thelma, Fran and Naomi are going to be the Andrews sisters. However, Buzz and Sonja come home telling her that the USO them got shot down. It bums her out and so she says to talk all her stuff to the rummage sale. It’s the night of the dance and Thelma is pouting. She insults Naomi. The kids come down stairs dressed in punk. They all head off to the dance. Fran looks at a photo album and finds an old photo of Carl and Fran. Thelma confides that all those things Vint took are so much a part of her. Thelma and Fran race off to the school to save her memories from the auction block. The two arrive just in time to save Thelma’s belongings. Sonja is freaking out because the band got arrested. Vint manages to calm the kids and Thelma grabs her record player to make a run for it. Buzz decides that playing the records and doing the 40’s theme is the best way to save it. Sonja and Vint join in. Thelma is on center stage. She and the girls do their Andrews Sisters impersonation. It’s a hit. They jump off the stage and start giving dance lessons. Thelma becomes the belle of the ball. Later that night Thelma’s feet are soaking and she looks exhausted. The kids thank her for saving the dance.

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