Mama’s Family S01, Ep13 – Mama’s Silver

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: Mama’s Silver
Original Air Date: May 7, 1983

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: Claude Canemaker, that jackass?

* Mama: I don’t keep beer in this fridge for you to be giving to every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes over here looking for a hand out.

* Mama: It doesn’t strain your brain much either.

* Mama: Did you guests think it was pretty?
Ellen: Well, of course they did.

* Mama: Let’s face it Vint. You get hooked up with losers.

* Mama: That silver is the most valuable thing in this house.

* Mama: That silver is gone. Somebody came in here in the middle of the night and stole it.

* Mama: My mama’s silver. It’s the only valuable thing that old skin flint ever gave me.

* Mama: Good Lord in heaven. You robbed me for that bum.

* Fran: Throw him to the wolves. Yes, throw him to the wolves.

Synopsis: Fran and Mama come home. They argue about a near car accident. Vint is in the kitchen and reveals that Claude Canemaker is there. Vint and Mama argue over Claude. At dinner Fran tries to talk with Sonia but gets nowhere. Vint and Buzz argue over sports. As dinner concludes Ellen enters with Mama’s silver. She inspects every piece. Ellen becomes insulted. As Mama asks Vint to put the sliver away the phone rings. It’s Claude, he’s been arrested and needs Vint to bail him out. His bail is $250 and Vint does not have that kind of cash. Mama over hears the whole conversation and becomes suspicious. Ellen makes a hasty exit and Vint follows her. He asks her to loan him the $250. She refuses. Vint heads back in and Mama asks him to put the silver back in the closet, but instead he takes it. The next day Fran is looking for an extension cord. Mama looks in the closet for one and discovers her sliver is missing. She goes into a full meltdown. She questions Vint about the silver. He’s evasive and Mama realizes he took it. Mama forces him to admit he took it and pawned it. He then tells her he pawned it for Claude’s bail and Thelma looks like she going to drop dead. Mama goes into a full blown guilt trip on Vint. However, Vint stands up to her. Fran comes into the kitchen following the fight. Vint comes up from the basement with some of his stuff prepared to leave. He then gives a big speech. But Mama can’t bear to have him leave.

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