The Nanny S01, Ep11 – A Plot for Nanny

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: A Plot for Nanny
Original Air Date: January 19, 1994

Guest Stars:
Renée Taylor: Sylvia Fine (as Reneé Taylor)
Matt McCoy: Steve Mintz

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: Just on the night that my life is ending hers is just beginning.

* Fran: What? I’m gonna get all dolled up for some creepy funeral director?

* Fran: So you set me up? These plots were a plot.

* Max: Come on in let me fix you a cup of coffin—coffee. Accident I swear.

* Max: Maggie dear, next time you go to a coffee house try decaf.

* Max: This is all very awkward; I’ve not had to have this conversation with the other nannies. Of course they weren’t nearly as attractive as you.

Synopsis: Everyone sings Happy Birthday to Fran as she blows out the candles on her birthday cake. Max gives Fran a pair of tickets for her birthday. Maggie comes running in and tells Fran that she heard through the grape vine that Philip Drake is going to as her out. Sylvia gives her an extra birthday present; it’s a plot in a cemetery. Fran and Sylvia head to the cemetery to speak to the manager. The funeral director comes out and Fran is all smiles. She is upset that it was all a set up. Sylvia continues to try and set them up. Fran and Steve haggle over plot upgrades. They wind up setting up a date. Later that evening, Maggie and Fran are getting ready for their dates. Downstairs, Grace is upset that Fran is going out, but she recorded the next chapter. Fran’s date arrives and both Max and Niles crack jokes. Later that evening, Grace and Brighton are watching Fran’s taped reading when Max ushers them off to bed. Niles is in the kitchen having a brandy and a cigar but Max takes them both. Max is perturbed by Fran’s date. When Max opens the back door to take out the trash Fran and Steve are there in a liplock. The next morning Maggie goes on and on about her date. Max asks Fran how her date went. Max wants Niles to give Fran some rules but he refuses. CC walks in and takes the plate of food Niles was making for himself. Niles drops a bomb on CC that leaves her speechless. Max visits Fran in her room getting ready for her lunch date. His attempt to talk to her about having guys over doesn’t go so well. Fran meets Steve at the mortuary. He breaks the news to her that he is going to Clown College. Maggie comes home declaring she hates men. They commiserate over their now ex-boyfriend. Max and Brighton are thrilled they are single again. Later, Sylvia is upset with Fran for dumping the mortician/clown. Max pops in and asks her opinion on ties and cuff links.

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