Mama’s Family S01, Ep11 – Alien Marriage

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Title: Alien Marriage
Original Air Date: April 2, 1983

Guest Stars:
Luis Avalos: Mr. Costa
Geoffrey Lewis: Claude Cainmaker
Jeannie Linero: Zenada

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: What is she, from the Board of Heath or something?

* Fran: Thelma she’s a Portuguese not a Pekinese.

* Thelma: You could have told us at dinner when I asked you what’s new?

* Naomi: You mean he’s gonna marry one of those little E.T.’s?

* Thelma: Well, I see the gang’s all here.

* Fran: Vint is a grown man. If he wants to get married in this cold-blooded, sleazy way I can’t stop him.

* Fran: Good Lord Thelma! Mosquitoes can reproduce!!

* Thelma: How dare you apologize for me to these heathens??!!

* Thelma: All I do is try to keep people from making mistakes and this was a doozy.

Synopsis: Claude draws Vint into a scheme to marry a lady from Portugal. Back at the house everyone is sitting down to dinner. Thelma tries to get a ride to the cemetery but no one is available and she gets upset. The doorbell starts ringing but no one knows who it is. Buzz opens the door to find the man from the Bigger Jigger, he has his niece with him. Vint introduces everyone. Thelma is suspicious. Zenada now has to stay with them for a bit. She heads off to see the kitchen. Thelma freaks out. Thelma sees Mr. Costa checking out the living room and gets upset. She grabs Zenada and storms back out in the living room demanding an explanation. When she finds out she nearly faints. Later that day Thelma is getting the wash off the line when Naomi bothers her about the tree again. Thelma tells her about Vint marrying that woman, and Naomi thinks it’s a real alien. But Naomi spills the beans about the scam and Thelma freaks out. In the kitchen the kids aren’t too happy about this wedding. The doorbell rings and its Claude. He’s brought all kinds of stuff for Zenada. Thelma walks in and loses it. Fran and Thelma go in to a full fight. Fran storms out. Thelma then turns her anger onto Claude. She threatens to tell the truth. And Claude tries to get him to control her or he can go to jail for a felony. The wedding is off.

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