The Nanny S01, Ep10 – The Nanny-in-Law

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: The Nanny-in-Law
Original Air Date: January 12, 1994

Guest Stars:
Cloris Leachman: Clara Mueller
Lu Leonard: Nanny #2
Peggy Blow: Nanny #3
Irene Olga López: Lupe (as Irene Olga Lopez)

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Favorite Quotes:

* Niles: Oh, sir, I would be lost without you.

* Fran: She hates my guts.

* Fran: Far be it from me to poopoo the Pooh, but Gracie is not like most children.

* Fran: So does that mean my jobs not in jeopardy?
Max: No more than usual.

* Fran: Oh Mister Sheffield, you forgot your balls.

* Fran: Look, I want nanny Mueller to have a life, just not mine.

Synopsis: Fran is excited because Max’s nanny is coming to visit. But Max is freaked out. Fran and Max’s nanny meet and they’re off to a rocky start. At breakfast the next morning the nanny does not have the nicest things to say to anyone. Niles shows her to her room, and they clearly had an affair, and they pick up where they left off. The kids and Fran are in the kitchen. Nanny walks in and spews more disapproval and nastiest. CC is upset because her mother is going to travel alone and she is worried about he inheritance. Fran complains to Max about the nanny. CC waxes poetic about her nanny. But Max’s nanny has put all the kids in sailor suits. Max appears to realize there is an issue. At the park Fran and the other nannies complain. Back at the house everyone is eating dinner, but Fran is absent. Fran enters wearing a uniform and leaves Max speechless. The nanny actually puts Fran down and Max is not happy. While CC is thrilled. Later in the kitchen Max tells Fran to take off the uniform and be herself. Max is upset about what his nanny is doing. They hear Niles and nanny and hide to spy on them. They’re having pudding together. The next day Niles is exhausted, but the nanny is perky. Fran sweetly lets it slip that she knows. Nanny gets nasty with Fran again and they have it out. Max storms back in and kicks her out, but Fran surprises them both by making him apologize. Nanny is leaving, she’ll accompany CC’s mom on her trip to Japan. Fran comes down the stairs in her version of her uniform, which nanny loves.

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