The Nanny S01, Ep09 – Personal Business

Show: The Nanny
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Personal Business
Original Air Date: December 29, 1993

Guest Stars:
Stephen Nichols: Brock Storm
Rachel Chagall: Val Toriello

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Favorite Quotes:

* CC: Please I am on the phone.
Fran: Well, I hope it’s nothing personal cuz he’ll snap your head off.

* Fran: Look he’s gonna drool again.
Niles: The man is a master of bodily fluids.

* Niles: So actually you’ll be doing her a favor as opposed to say, pimping her.

* Fran: Honey, the secret to putting on blush is less is more. The exact opposite of hairspray.

* Max: Is it just me or is he the phoniest person on Earth?
Niles: Would that be counting Miss Babcock?

* Niles: Are you worried she’ll have a good time or a bad time?

* Fran: I have a good mind to report you to soap opera digest. You are nothing like Dr. River Shane.
Brock: No but I’m exactly like his evil twin.

Synopsis: Fran enters the dining room in a bathrobe. Max isn’t amused. Then Maggie comes in in the same bathroom. Val calls on the business line and Max flips out because he misses a call from Japan. Max is in his office and Grace barges in quickly followed by Fran. CC brags that she got Brock Storm to be in their shows. Fran gets excited as he’s on her soap opera. Brock is audtioning and Max is not impressed. Fran and the kids come back. Her outfit is clearly for Brock’s benefit. He’s smitten. They flirt and CC threatens Fran. Brock agrees to his play, if he gets Fran. Max finally catches on. Fran and the kids are watching Brock’s soap. Max is upset over Brock wanting Fran and does not want to put her in the middle. But he decides to see how Fran feels about it. Max calls Fran into his office. He tells her that he has set her up with Brock and she is thrilled. She hugs Max and almost CC in her excitement. But she realizes it’s for the show and she brings up Max’s rule about not mixing business and personal. Fran gets ready for her date with Brock. Brock arrives and everyone is excited. Fran makes her entrance and Brock can’t take his eyes off her. Max is jealous. Fran and Brock are on their date. However, Fran is not all that impressed and asked to be taken home. He quotes a soap opera line. Max and Brighton waited up for her. Fran tells him it did not go well he just wanted one thing. Max is incensed. He admits he was worried. They share a moment.

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