Mama’s Family S01, Ep09 – Mama’s Boyfriend

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Mama’s Boyfriend
Original Air Date: March 19, 1983

Guest Stars:
William Windom: Woody Miller

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: Well I’m sorry Fran, but Vinton’s not as good with numbers as you are.

* Thelma: Fine, then just don’t cook it. Eat a lasagna popsicle.

* Fran: Thelma, you are going out to dinner with a man?
Thelma: No Franny, a basset hound.

* Fran: Oh isn’t that adorable. Our Thelma is gonna have herself a fling.

* Fran: Yes ordinarily they keep me hidden up in the attic. The mad spinster woman.

* Thelma: I wouldn’t worry about it Vinton. They rarely steal pick up trucks without doors.

* Thelma: I ain’t gonna make the same mistake twice.

* Thelma: It’s my duty to get to Golden Pond before the lake dries up.

* Thelma: Vint, when your kids are over 60 they can do whatever they damn well please.

* Thelma: I’m having fun it’s just that dust cramps my style.

Synopsis: The doorbell rings and Mama starts singing a song. She opens the door and its Fran. Fran is suspicious of Thelma’s extremely cheery mood. Thelma tells her she is going out to dinner. Fran is shocked. Thelma tells her how to cook the dinner. Fran has a melt down at having to cook. Even though it’s just putting it in the oven. When Fran asks who is the woman she is going out to dinner with Thelma informs her it’s a man, Woody Miller. Fran starts hitting her with questions but doesn’t get any answers. Vinton sees her dressed up and asked who died because she wore the dress to the funeral. Fran informs Vinton that Thelma has a date. Thelma tells them both about Woody and running into him. Buzz and Sonja come in the kitchen and are informed that Thelma has a date. The doorbell rings and Thelma heads for the door. When she asks who is there he starts singing the song she was singing earlier. She opens the door and joins in. He’s brought her yellow roses. The family is frozen in the kitchen window and looking like a portrait. The introductions are only slightly tense. He is taking her to the Babylonian Roof Gardens. Thelma and Woody come back quite late. Fran comes down stairs and is a flutter with worry. After getting annoyed with the two Fran goes back upstairs. Woody invites her to a cabin for the weekend. He kisses her and suddenly she is excited to go to the cabin. Fran comes down again. She chastises Thelma. Then Thelma tells her he is staying the weekend and they’re going to a cabin for the weekend. She tells Fran they went away to a cabin before, so this will be the second time. But that nothing happened the first time. Fran is relieved, but Thelma informs her she won’t be making that mistake again. The next morning Thelma comes down happy and singing. No one else is happy because they had to make their own breakfast. Thelma and Fran get into a fight. And Fran spills the beans about the cabin. She runs as she says she’s going for the weekend. They discuss a few things and then Vint happily helps her to the car. Up at the cabin Thelma tries to keep Woody under control. As they sip a beer they start to fight. And she ends the weekend. Back at the house Fran did not cook the tv dinners correctly. Thelma comes back. They all devour her picnic basket.

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